Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions in .NET

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To navigate to the leaf level of an index, a B-tree is created, which includes the data rows in the leaf level. Each row in the non-leaf levels has one entry for every page of the level below (later in this chapter, we look more into what this speci cally looks like with each index
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Notify the primary and secondary site owners that the site exists, and send them the URL. The first time one of them browses the new URL, that person can choose a template, as the next section explains.
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Part 1: Part Title
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Modifying a Data Source View
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You can enable key recovery for EFS encryption certificates. This allows the recovery of a lost EFS encryption private key without the intervention of an EFS Recovery Agent. A certificate manager extracts the encrypted private key from the CA database and a key recovery agent decrypts the private key and distributes the resulting PKCS #12 file to the original user, allowing the original user to import the private key back into the user profile.
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Dim calc As Calculator = DirectCast(RemotingServices.Connect( _
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Making a Game Display
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read committed snapshot; read operations acquire no shared locks on data and do not block on data modifications. To use SNAPSHOT isolation, first the database option must be turned on as follows:
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10 Data Binding
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Abbrev. Title
Although Change Tracking is designed to track changes on a table-by-table basis, it is actually con gured at two levels: the database in which the tables reside and the tables themselves. A table cannot be enabled for Change Tracking until the feature has been enabled in the containing database.
Shows your current display name, e-mail address, and notes, and provides links for modifying these settings. It also shows whether or not you re a site collection administrator. Displays all libraries, files, lists, and other items for which you receive alerts. To reconfigure or delete any listed alert, click its name. Displays a list of all users who have participated in or have been added to the current Web site. Clicking any user s display name displays that user s information.
Find *.txt files in the C:\DOCS directory tree.
Create a Scenario dimension
When displaying month names in a report, your query should also include a numeric value of the month that you can use to sort the months in the correct order.
The program window returns to its normal size.
How Data Encryption Works
First, determine whether you still need WINS on your network. If you have a mixed environment with Windows NT and Windows Server 2003 systems, WINS might be required to translate NetBIOS names to IP addresses. If so, consider the following:
The following is a T-SQL example creating a table using some of the optional arguments:
The key steps are the following, which follow the owchart from the top left, take the top branch to the right, the middle branch down, and then right at the center, to the point where the statement is modi ed based on the plan guide and its hints: 1. For a speci c statement within the batch, SQL Server tries to match the statement to a SQL-based plan guide, whose @module_or_batch argument matches that of the incoming batch text, including any constant literal values, and whose @stmt argument also matches the statement in the batch. If this kind of plan guide exists and the match succeeds, the statement text is modi ed to include the query hints speci ed in the plan guide. The statement is then compiled using the speci ed hints. 2. If a plan guide is not matched to the statement in step 1, SQL Server tries to parameterize the statement by using forced parameterization. In this step, parameterization can fail for any one of the following reasons:
CLEAN UP Close the Simple Assignments file.
1. Return to Visual Studio 2008, displaying the QueryBinaryTree project, and edit the Program.cs le.
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