Wireless Networking in .NET

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Part V. Installing SharePoint at the Server
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The only significant operation that you can perform on an empty DataTable is the addi tion of one or more DataRow objects. The sequence to add a new row is as follows: 1. Use the DataTable s NewRow method to create a DataRow object with the same column schema as the table. 2. Assign values to all the fields in the DataRow (at least, to all fields that aren t nul lable and that don t support a default value). 3. Pass the DataRow to the Add method of the table s Rows collection.
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Transactions and Locking
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You can generat e and m odify v iews w it h t he T- SQL CREATE VI EW and ALTER VI EW st at em ent s. I n it s m ost basic form , a CREATE VI EW st at em ent specifies a nam e for t he v iew and a SELECT st at em ent t o designat e it s r esult set . Posit ion t he v iew s nam e aft er a space delim it er follow ing t he CREATE VI EW key word phrase. Then use t he AS keyword t o separ at e t he v iew s nam e fr om it s SELECT st at em ent . For exam ple, y ou can cr eat e a new view wit h t his synt ax : CREATE VIEW view_name AS SELECT list_of_columns FROM base_table_name View nam es are st andar d SQL Serv er ident ifiers. Ther efor e, t hey m ust follow t he rules for all obj ect ident ifiers. Refer t o t he Using I dent ifiers t opic in Books Online for a sum m ary of t he rules for specify ing ident ifiers. I n addit ion, user defined v iews are obj ect s like ot her syst em and user - defined SQL Serv er obj ect s. Because SQL Serv er obj ect s share a com m on nam espace, y ou m ay car e t o use prefixes t o r eflect t he t y pe of obj ect and avoid nam e conflict s. For exam ple, t his chapt er uses t he vew pr efix for all user- defined views. Just as wit h t ables and ot her dat abase obj ect s, you cannot creat e a new v iew wit h t he sam e nam e as an ex ist ing v iew. You m ust r em ov e t he pr ior v ersion of t he v iew before creat ing a new v iew w it h t he sam e nam e as an ex ist ing one in a dat abase. The DROP VI EW st at em ent support s t he r em oval of an ex ist ing v iew. A couple of I NFORMATI ON_SCHEMA v iews r et ur n t he nam es of t he v iews in a dat abase. This chapt er dem onst rat es t he use of t hese v iews. You can inv ok e t he ALTER VI EW st at em ent t o change an ex ist ing v iew wit hout delet ing it t ot ally. The ALTER VI EW st at em ent preserv es perm issions set on a view and doesn t alt er t he dependency of an I NSTEAD OF t r igger or a st or ed procedur e on a view.
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Dim anotherArray(,) As Integer = arr.Clone
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Creating Custom Administration Tools
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Override The More Gadgets Link By right-clicking the Sidebar, clicking Add Gadgets, and then clicking Get More Gadgets Online, users visit a Microsoft site where they can download new gadgets. Enable this setting to provide your own link for more gadgets (for example, to allow users to download gadgets from an intranet website). n Turn Off Windows Sidebar Enable this setting to prevent Windows Sidebar from running. n Disable Unpacking And Installation Of Gadgets That Are Not Digitally Signed E n a b l e this setting to prevent Windows Sidebar from running gadgets that are not digitally signed. If you leave this setting at the default (disabled), Sidebar will warn users that a gadget is not digitally signed but still allow it to be installed. n Turn Off User Installed Windows Sidebar Gadgets Enable this setting to prevent users from installing their own gadgets.
Exam objectives in this chapter:
index on the xdes_id column that includes the dbfragid column. None of the columns are nullable, so the per-row data size is 44 bytes for the clustered index and 20 bytes for the nonclustered index. Note that this table records information about transactions, but none about which rows were actually modi ed. That related data is stored in separate system tables, created when Change Tracking is enabled on a user table. Because one transaction can span many different tables and many rows within each table, storing the transaction-speci c data in a single central table saves a considerable number of bytes that need to be written during a large transaction. All the columns in the sys.syscommitab table except dbfragid are visible via the new sys.dm_tran_commit_table DMV. This view is described by SQL Server Books Online as being included for supportability purposes, but it can be interesting to look at for the purpose of learning how Change Tracking behaves internally, as well as to watch the cleanup task, discussed in the next section, in action.
Finally, both syntax forms for the BinarySearch method support an IComparer object at the end of the argument list, which lets you determine how array elements are to be compared. In practice, you can use the same IComparer object that you passed to the Sort method to have the array sorted.
backup_set_id media_set_id database_name logical_name file_type
Provides redundancy with better write performance than disk striping with parity.
Backup accesses the catalog whenever you select backup media from the list for restoration. If a backup archive spans two or more tapes, the catalog is stored on the last tape of the set. In this case, when you insert the proper tape into the tape drive, Backup reads the catalog and shows the contents of the tape, using the same file and folder structure that Windows uses for normal storage of file and folders on disk drives. You can select drives, folders, and files to restore just as you selected them for backup.
individual file or filegroup backup alone but must restore the entire database. Otherwise, the database would not be consistent. The exceptions to this are if the filegroup for that file is read-only or if no data changes were made to that file since it was backed up.
Approach for Stress Testing
Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
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