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A behavior is something that a class can be asked to do. A particular method performs a particular behavior. You have already used the Clear behavior of the GraphicsDevice class. When you use Clear, this causes the code in the Clear method to be obeyed to clear the screen. You don t need to know how Clear works; you just need to know that you can feed it with information to tell it what color you want to use.
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There have been several enhancements to full-text indexing and search capabilities in the areas of programmability, manageability, and performance. These include the following:
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Table 11-1.
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progress, the entire fixed cost of the task is incurred as soon as the task starts.
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For Each key As String In ht.Keys
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The Type list displays date formats that are specific to the location selected in the Locale list.
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The Basics
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If the problem with DNS is that you think the server has stale records, you can check the DNS Server cache (as opposed to DNS Client cache) by using the following command:
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As shown in Figure 4-5, Windows Vista includes a new tool for configuring Windows Firewall and IPSec settings. Settings defined in this tool apply only to Windows Vista computers; Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows will not be affected. For more information, see 10, Configuring and Troubleshooting Network Protocol Security.
1. Start SQL Server Management Studio. In Object Explorer view, connect to the server instance of your choice, and then expand the server s Databases folder. 2. Right-click the database name and select Properties on the shortcut menu. 3. Under Select a Page at left, click Options. 4. Scroll down to the State section. 5. On the drop-down list next to Database Read-Only, select True to set the database to read-only, as shown in Figure 14-4. 6. Click OK to save changes and close the Properties dialog box. If the entire database is set to read-only, then it is appropriate to use the simple recovery model and perform a full database backup without performing differential or parital backups because no data is modified.
The critical path indicates the series of tasks that determine the project s finish date.
Each one of these steps is a major undertaking. Analysis Services basically takes care of all of them for you. (You can do some tuning, but the process is essentially automatic.) Analysis Services has sophisticated tools to simplify the process of designing, creating, maintaining, and querying aggregate tables, which it then stores in its extremely efficient proprietary structures. Managing aggregations has always been an extremely strong feature of Analysis Services. Because of its ability to avoid data explosion issues, Analysis Services can handle extremely large multiterabyte databases.
Notice that the Finish button is now enabled. You have, at this point, created a basic report that is ready for publishing. Now you can decide how you want to proceed. You could click the Finish button and make modifications using the Report Designer. However, to find out everything you can do with this tool, you ll continue designing your report with the wizard. The report type defines the structure, or data region, of the data that is returned by the query you design. The Report Wizard allows you to present this information as either a table or a matrix. (You do have more options, but the Report Wizard limits you to these two data regions, referred to as report types in the wizard.) The main difference between these two types of data regions is the number of columns. A table has a fixed number of columns, whereas a matrix has a variable number of columns that is determined by the query results. You ll find more information about these and other data regions in 6, Organizing Data in Reports. Click the Next button.
The sample projects included on the companion media in the 01 BlueScreen folder for this chapter will draw a blue screen for you. They are exactly the same as an empty project that you might create. Sample versions of the code for running on both an Xbox and a PC are included.
< xml version="1.0" > <WebPart xmlns=""> <Assembly>WssIso, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=49225b11f30a2ed0</Assembly> <TypeName>WssIso.Welcome</TypeName> <Title>Welcome</Title> </WebPart>
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