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properties can be assigned to set a limit on the size of the application s working set. (Read the MSDN documentation for more information about these properties.) When querying a process for information, you should bear in mind that dynamic data such as WorkingSet, VirtualMemorySize, and the list of threads and processes is loaded the first time you read any property and is then cached in the Process object. The information that you read might therefore be stale and you might want to issue a Refresh method before reading process data. Also, you should use a Try Catch block to work around exceptions that some properties might raise in certain circumstances. For example, the BasePriority, PriorityClass, HandleCount, and Responding properties aren t available under Windows 95 and Windows 98 if the process wasn t started from the Windows shell.
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Working with Expressions
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Identify the algorithms that are supported by the application. In some cases, the application must allow for algorithm negotiation so that the sender and recipient can negotiate the strongest form of encryption. Generate a key for use with the algorithm. In the best circumstances, the key is a one-time key that is, it is only used for a single encryption and decryption process. When a key is reused many times, it becomes easier for attackers to determine the key, through a process called differential cryptanalysis. Differential cryptanalysis allows an attacker to determine the encryption key by supplying the encryption algorithm and several samples of ciphertext produced with the encryption key. Determine a key distribution method. The key must be securely transmitted from the sender to the recipient that is, it must be protected against interception during this transmission and might have to be transmitted out-of-band (not on the network) or in an encrypted state.
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ds.WriteXml( ds.xml", XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema)
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In this practice, you troubleshoot two common network problems. Practice 1: Solve a Simple Network Problem In this practice, you run a batch file to generate a networking problem, and then you troubleshoot it using Windows Network Diagnostics. This practice simulates a network problem on your computer. Before you run it, verify that you are connected to the network and can access network resources and be prepared to be disconnected from the network.
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If you have a problem installing an update, you can diagnose the problem by viewing the Windows Update history, by analyzing the %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log file, or by examining WSUS logs. You can often resolve simple problems by restarting the Windows Update service. If you discover a compatibility problem after deploying an update, you can manually remove it or use WSUS to uninstall it.
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is Modified, the DataAdapter uses the SQL command in the UpdateCommand property. If the state is Deleted, the command in the DeleteCommand property is used instead. (See Figure 22-6.)
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The first part of the physical phase is to research and gather information about the following topics: G Physical solution requirements G Physical constraints G Existing technology candidates
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Figure 2-3
Group Policy A mechanism for storing many
Profiling Analysis Services Queries
4. On the Select Computer Name page, you must select the name of the system on which to create the cluster. You must have privileges on this system, and being part of an Active Directory domain is recommended. By default, you will get a full cluster installation. If you wish to select a minimal configuration, click the Advanced button. Enter the system name, as shown in Figure 26-17 (the system that you are on is defaulted). Select Next to continue.
Call objMSCSAuthMgr.SetAuthTicket _ (strUserID, blnCookieSupport, _ Application("MSCSDictConfig"). _ i_FormLoginTimeOut) Call objMSCSAuthMgr.SetUserID(mc_bytAuthTicketType, _ strUserID) Call objMSCSAuthMgr.SetUserID(mc_bytProfileTicketType, "") Call objMSCSAuthMgr.SetProfileTicket("", blnCookieSupport)
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