Policies and PKI in .NET

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In this code example, productsQuery is now an enumerable list, populated with information from the Products table. When you iterate over the data, DLINQ retrieves it from this list rather than sending fetch requests to the database.
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The Session_End event signals the end of the session and is used to perform any clean-up code needed to terminate the session. Note, though, that the event is supported only in InProc mode that is, only when the session data is stored in the ASP.NET worker process. For Session_End to fire, the session state has to exist first. That means you have to store some data in the session state and you must have completed at least one request. When the first value is added to the session dictionary, an item is inserted into the ASP.NET cache the aforementioned Cache object that we ll cover in detail in the next chapter. The behavior is
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The NameObjectCollectionBase Abstract Class
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Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
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Circle c = new Circle(); int i = 42; object o; o = c; i = o; // o refers to a circle // what is stored in i
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Tip To scroll the calendar quickly to August 2012 in the Change Working Time dialog box, just select the exception name or the Start or Finish date for William s exception.
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'Create an instance of the proxy class for the execution service Dim myReportExecutionService As New ReportExecutionService.ReportExecutionService() myReportExecutionService.Url = "http://localhost/ReportServer/ ReportExecution2005.asmx wsdl" myReportExecutionService.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials
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Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
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Tip Select multiple registered file types at once Use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select more than one option at a time. When you highlight multiple registered file types this way, you set several exclusions at once. Note
The nal parameter was new for SQL Server 2005 and is optional (to maintain backward compatibility with scripts that might use DBCC IND from SQL Server 2000). It speci es a particular partition number, and if no value is speci ed or a 0 is given, information for all partitions is displayed. Unlike DBCC PAGE (discussed in 5), SQL Server does not require that you enable trace ag 3604 before running DBCC IND. However, because it s likely that you will want to investigate pages using DBCC PAGE, after determining the pages owned by an index, it s a good idea to turn the trace ag on at the beginning of your script. The columns in the result set are described in Table 6-1. Note that all page references have the le and page component conveniently split between two columns, so you don t have to do any conversion.
Adding New Site Pages to an Existing Site
The complete Birthday program is located in the c:\vbnetsbs\ chap03\birthday folder.
Table 20-1.
In the previous exercise, you changed an individual resource s working time in the resource pool, and you saw the change posted to a sharer plan. Another powerful capability of a resource pool enables you to change working times for a base calendar and see the changes updated to all sharer plans that use that calendar. For example, if you specify that certain days (such as holidays) are to be nonworking days in the resource pool, that change is posted to all sharer plans.
User mode full access
Understanding the inner workings of Windows Server 2003 is not critical to the function of a DBA. However, knowing the operating system well enough to assist in the configuration and being able do advanced troubleshooting to solve problems can save you a great deal of time and difficulty when problems exist. At the very least, you should be able to recognize and understand that basic configuration of Windows and be able to perform basic troubleshooting steps to provide the best possible service to your customers. After all, why wait an hour for an on-call Windows administrator to determine why users can t access the database when you can look and see for yourself that the service has stopped
For more information about organizing content in SharePoint Portal Server, refer to Reviewing SharePoint Portal Server in 2.
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