17: Implementing SSL Encryption for Web Servers in .NET

Printer QR Code in .NET 17: Implementing SSL Encryption for Web Servers

FIGURE 2-6 Selecting the TSQL_Replay template
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Data Type
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The code inside your UserControl determines how its constituent controls are arranged when the control is resized. In the simplest cases, you don t have to write code to achieve the desired effect because you can simply rely on the Anchor and Dock prop erties of constituent controls. However, this approach is rarely feasible with more com plex custom controls. For example, the btnBrowse button in FileTextBox always should be square, and so its height and width depend on the txtFilename control s height, which in turn depends on the current font. Besides, the height of the FileTextBox control always should be equal to the height of its inner fields. All these con straints require that you write custom resize logic in a private RedrawControls procedure and call this procedure from the UserControl s Resize event:
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Managing Server Components
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TABLE 10-13
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If you re writing a Windows Forms application, you don t strictly need a Sub Main because you can designate the start up form for the program, unless you want to exe cute a block of code before displaying the main form. In this case, you must invoke the Run method of the System.Windows.Forms.Application object as in the following code snippet:
In its simplest form, a matrix contains a single numeric value that is aggregated by groups added to the rows and columns. Report Designer creates these groups when you drop fields into the Row and Column areas of the matrix. You can also add a static column to create sets of numeric values that display for each column group. For example, if you create a column group of Months and have static columns for Sales Amount and Order Quantity, you can repeat the static columns for each month. When you have multiple groups, you might want to include subtotal rows to display intermediate aggregations or a grand total for the matrix. You can create subtotals for either rows or columns, or you can insert subtotals in both directions.
Building Advanced Reports Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title
For the successful execution of a page method, the ASP.NET AJAX application must have the ScriptModule HTTP module enabled in the web.config file:
1. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Replace button.
Part II
Customizing Project
To create a list or library while browsing a SharePoint site, click Create on the top navigation bar of any page. From the New task pane:
To access MSMQ queues programmatically, you must add a reference to the Sys tem.Messaging.Dll library and insert an Imports statement in the System.Messaging namespace. The most important class in this namespace is MessageQueue, which exposes shared methods for creating a queue, checking whether a queue exists, and enumerating all the public and private queues on a machine. This class also exposes instances of read-only properties that return information about a specific queue, such as FormatName, Id, Transactional, and CreateTime:
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