Implementing SSL Between the Web Client and the ISA Server in .NET

Display QRCode in .NET Implementing SSL Between the Web Client and the ISA Server

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These checks verify the consistency for all structures in a table and all its indexes. In this section, when I say a table, I mean all partitions of the heap or clustered index, all partitions of all nonclustered indexes, and any off-row LOB data. The table could be a regular table, an indexed view, an XML index, a system catalog, a spatial index, a Service Broker queue, or any other database object that is stored internally as a table. All the tables within a single batch are checked at the same time, using the fact-generation and fact-aggregation algorithms described previously. The rst batch contains the critical system tables, and then subsequent batches are built and checked until all tables in the database have been checked. The consistency checks performed for each table are as follows: 1. Extract and check all the metadata for the table. 2. For each page in the table, do the following:
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Working with Folders
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Next, the Page-derived class is compiled and loaded in memory to serve the request. When a new request for the same page arrives, the class is ready and no compile step will ever take place. (The class will be re-created and recompiled only if the source code of the .aspx source changes at some point.) The ASP.default_aspx class inherits from Page or, more likely, from a class that in turn inherits from Page. More precisely, the base class for ASP.default_aspx will be a combination of the code-behind, partial class you created through Visual Studio and a second partial class dynamically arranged by the ASP.NET HTTP runtime. The second, implicit partial class contains the declaration of protected properties for any explicitly referenced server controls. This second partial class is the key that allows you to write the following code successfully:
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Figure 21-22 Selecting events to log.
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4. Change the name of the Source Attribute to Product and click OK .
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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out
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Configure Site And Workspace Creation Go To Site Administration
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Figu r e 1 3 - 1 4 . Th e Soa p V ir t u a l N a m e Con figu ra t ion d ia log b ox displa ying t h e se t t in gs for t h e Te n _ M ost _ Ex pe n sive_ Pr od u ct s W eb m e t h od j u st be fore sa vin g t h e m .
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Note When bandwidth is not a bottleneck, meaning the bandwidth limits are not approached, then there will be no performance gain from simply increasing bandwidth.
msg = String.Format( Total is {0:G}", 123456) msg = String.Format( Total is {0:G4}", 123456) => Total is 123456 => Total is 1235E5
Quick Check
--restore log backup 1 RESTORE LOG [mydatabase] FROM WITH mydb1_dev, mydb2_dev FILE = 8, NORECOVERY ;
1 In FrontPage, open the Web page that should contain the Web Part Zone. 2 Set the insertion point where you want the zone to appear (but not inside any other Web Part or Web Part Zone). 3 Display the Web Parts task pane by doing either of the following: Choose Web Part from the Insert menu. Click the drop-down arrow in the title bar of any other task pane, and then choose Web Part Gallery. 4 Click the New Web Part Zone button at the bottom of the task pane.
Figure 4-14 The Application Event Log
Understanding the C# Language
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