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Increment the value of top-left cell. DataGrid1.Item(0, 0) = CInt(DataGrid1.Item(0, 0)) + 1
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Automating Setup
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Data in Col. 4 ( ABC )
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Building Your First Report
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Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder(TIMES * 4)
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The preceding example told of an instance in which a hacker received help from within the company whose computer he was seeking to access. Perhaps you are thinking, "Oh well, that was just a stroke of luck for the hacker." No, it wasn't. In fact, when I was recently asked, "How do hackers go about getting inside help from a large company " my first reaction was to call that a silly question. But then I realized that if one person didn't know, there must be others who don't know either. The larger a company is, the easier it is for a hacker to get inside help. The hacker's first advantage is that employees of a multibilliondollar corporation quite often do not consider such a huge organization "real." The employees of such a company may charge personal, long-distance phone calls to the company, or they may take home pens, pencils, paper, and other supplies. If they don't, are they honest because of fear Or because of respect for the company in question The issue of employee involvement is obviously far beyond the scope of this book, but the fact remains: People who feel a sense of commitment and responsibility are far less likely to become security risks than people who see their employer as the source of a paycheck and not much more. A secondary reason that inside help can be easy for a hacker to get in large companies is the simple fact that there are more people for him to try. In most cases, a hacker doesn't have any contacts in the company, but he will probably only have to talk to a few people before finding help. By "a few people," I mean, usually, one or two. As you can see, the odds are strongly in the hacker's favor. Hackers (or anyone else) can, if they need to, quite easily obtain a company phone book from almost any large corporation. As another
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Figure 9-13 Publish tab in the Project Designer
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you can check the entire presentation in one session by clicking the Spelling button in the Proofing group on the Review tab. PowerPoint then works its way through the presentation, and if it encounters a word that is not in its dictionary, it displays the Spelling dialog box. After you indicate how PowerPoint should deal with the word, it moves on and displays the next word that is not in its dictionary, and so on. The English-language version of Microsoft Office 2010 includes English, French, and Spanish dictionaries. If you use a word or phrase from a different language, you can mark it so that PowerPoint doesn t flag it as a misspelling. You cannot make changes to the main dictionary in PowerPoint, but you can add correctly spelled words that are flagged as misspellings to the PowerPoint supplemental dictionary (called CUSTOM.DIC). You can also create and use custom dictionaries and use dictionaries from other Microsoft programs. PowerPoint can check your spelling, but it can t alert you if you re not using the best word. Language is often contextual the language you use in a presentation to members of a club is different from the language you use in a business presentation. To make sure you re using words that best convey your meaning in any given context, you can use the Thesaurus feature to look up alternative words, called synonyms, for a selected word.
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This query has many possible implementation plans because inner joins can be computed in different orders. Actually, if you add more tables into this query using this same pattern, the query would have so many possible plan choices that it isn t feasible to consider them all. Because inner joins can be evaluated in any order (ABCD. . ., ABDC. . ., ACBD. . ., . . .) and in different topologies [(A join B) join (B join C)], the number of possible query plans for this query is actually greater than N! [N x (N-1) x (N-2) x . . .]. As the number of tables in a query increases, the set of alternatives to consider quickly grows to be larger than what can be computed on any computer. The storage of all the possible query plans also becomes a problem. In 32-bit Intel x86-based machines, SQL Server usually has about 1.6 GB of memory that could be used to compile a query, and it may not be possible to store every possible alternative in memory. Even if a computer could store all these alternatives, the user may not want to wait that long to enumerate all those possible choices. The Query Optimizer solves this problem using heuristics and statistics to guide those heuristics, and this chapter describes these concepts. Many people believe that it is the job of the Query Optimizer to select the absolute best query plan for a given query. You can now see that the scope of the problem makes this impossible if you can t consider every plan shape, it is dif cult to prove that a plan is optimal. However, it is possible for the Query Optimizer to nd a good enough plan quickly, and often this is the optimally performing plan or very close to it.
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Most dialog forms, however, have multiple push buttons. Typically they have the OK and Cancel buttons, but you might also need Retry and Cancel buttons and many other combinations. In cases like this, you have to determine which action the end user selected. To make your job easier, the Form class defines a DialogResult public enu merated property, which can take the same values that a message box can return. You typically assign this property from inside the Click event procedure in the callee form:
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Site link bridging can have unintended consequences when you have multiple hubs and spokes on each hub. Here, when the bridgehead servers in the Chicago site replicate with other sites, they will replicate with Seattle, New York, LA, and Miami bridgehead servers as before, but they will also replicate with the Vancouver and San Diego bridgehead servers across the site bridge from Chicago-Seattle-Vancouver and from Chicago-LA-San Diego. This means that the same replication traffic could go over the Chicago-Seattle and ChicagoLA links twice. This can happen because of the rule of three hops for optimizing replication topology. The repeat replication over the hub links is made worse as additional spokes are added. Consider Figure 35-14. Here, the LA hub has connections to sites in Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco. As a result of site link bridging, the same replication traffic could go over the Chicago-LA links four times. This happens because of the rule of three hops for optimizing replication topology.
You can use Computer Management to configure shadow copying by following these steps:
De ne an extension method for a type
Change a parameter s default value
Note Certificates based on version 2 templates can be issued only by enterprise CAs running on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, or Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition.
Log Shipping and Database Mirroring
You can configure different shares with different names and permissions as well.
Part I:
Only domain controllers running Windows Server 2003 can use default application partitions to replicate DNS information in this way. Because of this, you can take advantage of this feature when the domain controllers in all the domains of your forest are running Windows Server 2003.
Add a grouping level to a list Nest a data region
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For a simple view like the Timeline, shrinking it to fit on a single page is fine for your communication needs. Next, you ll adjust the page setup options.
Display its current value then change it.
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