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6. Click OK to close the Trust Center dialog box, and then click OK again to close the
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Here s the code that traps the buttons server-side Click event, modifies the DataGrid s CurrentPageIndex property as required, and rebinds the control. Each control has been assigned a different CommandName property, so detecting the navigation command being invoked is simple:
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Note that most of the time, though, you ll use selectors that match just a single DOM element. If multiple elements are selected, no data duplication will ever occur only the reference is duplicated, not the data. The jQuery cache is implemented as a plain dictionary where each element is characterized by a name and a value. What about naming conventions to ensure uniqueness of entries Binding data to DOM elements, in full respect of the jQuery philosophy, is also helpful because it makes it significantly simpler to name elements. Cached entries can have the same name as long as they are bound to different DOM elements.
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Part VII: Developing Web Parts in Visual Studio .NET
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Figure 24-7
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} As you type in the code, notice the members of the class listed by IntelliSense. The list includes the members of the BankAccount class, plus the members of the SavingsAccount class, shown in the following screen. In C#, the members of the System.Object class also appear on the list.
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Dim sql As String = EXEC byroyalty 100" Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(sql, cn) cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
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It means that any assembly found in the binary path of the application should be treated as if it were registered through the @Assembly directive. To prevent all assemblies found in the Bin directory from being linked to the page, remove the entry from the root configuration file. To link a needed assembly to the page, use the following syntax:
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10 Review
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Using the Aggregation Design Wizard
Table 5-10 lists properties that represent visual and nonvisual attributes of the page, such as the URL s query string, the client target, the title, and the applied style sheet.
Right-click on your database named CarTracker.mdf in
up any data that was changed with a BULK_LOGGED operation, so you might need to have more than just the log le available to back up the tail of the log. You also need to have available any legroups containing data inserted by a minimally logged operation.
How many domain controllers are required, and which ones will fulfill which roles Which domains must be present at which sites Where should global catalogs be placed
Add slides with ready-made content, page 374
6 Abbrev. Title
Configuring Behaviors
1 Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title 2
Here, you use the NET USE command to add a persistent connection to the EngMain printer on CORPSVR02. That s all there is to it. You could also use Microsoft VBScript in a logon script to set a printer connection. With VBScript, you must initialize the variables and objects you plan to use and then call the AddWindowsPrinterConnection method of the Network object to add the printer connection. If desired, you can also use the SetDefaultPrinter method of the Network object to set the printer as the default for the user. After you are done using variables and objects, it is good form to free the memory they use by setting them to vbEmpty. Consider the following example:
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