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Managing Partitions and Database Processing
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The HtmlControl Base Class
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1 In Removable Storage, right-click the element you want to work with. 2 Select Properties from the shortcut menu, then click the Security tab, as shown in Figure 23-9. 3 Users or groups that already have access to the element are listed in the Name box. Change permissions by selecting a group or user, then using the Permissions list box to grant or deny access permissions. 4 To set access permissions for additional users, computers, or groups, click Add. Then use the Select Users, Computers, Or Groups option to add users, computers, or groups.
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Database Applications
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General Address Account Profile Telephones Organization Environment
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Overriding the CreateChildControls Method
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A common type of data-bound form is the one that displays data coming from two tables between which a relationship exists. For example, you can create a form like the one in Figure 16-21, with the DataGrid control displaying all the titles related to the publisher currently shown in the topmost TextBox controls.
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When you place a field in a display section, the corresponding section in the sample table is highlighted to show you where the field will appear in your report. Each column of data returned by the query is linked, or mapped, to a report field that is displayed in the Available Fields list until assigned to a section of the data region. When assigned to a data region s section, the report fields appear in the Displayed Fields list. The section to which you assign the field determines whether you see detail rows, aggregated rows, or both types of rows, in the report. Assignment of fields to data regions and the use of aggregations are discussed more thoroughly in 4 and 5, Working with Expressions. Because you are using a tabular report type, you can assign fields to the page, group, or details section of the report. For example, a field assigned to the page section will not be included in the table in the report, but will instead be placed in a textbox positioned at the top left corner of the report. Each distinct value for a page field creates a page break in the report. Fields added to the group section of the report are used to break the table into separate sections, which can include subtotals by section. The table rows are built from the values for the fields assigned to the details section of the report. There is one table row for each row returned by the defined query. A numeric field in the details section is
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The getJSON function appends any input data to the URL as a query string. If the data is not of a primitive type, the function will convert it to a string before appending it to the URL. The request is placed as an HTTP GET request. Any response is assumed to be JSON and is parsed as such using the global $.parseJSON function. The callback receives the parsed data ready to use.
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How the Book Works
14. Click the Task tab to close the Backstage view.
When the FrontPage Server Extensions are present, you have these choices:
<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $("#panelAdvancedOptions").hide(); }); </script>
Mirroring Boot and System Volumes on MBR Disks
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
6. Point to the contour indicator.
Develop the logic for the application
Inserting Images
Transactions and Concurrency
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