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Dim r As Single = Math.Min(rect.Width, rect.Height) / 2!
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15: Smart Card Deployment
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Working with List Content
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Mobile Game Development
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Clearing the IIS logs eases the process of data analysis. You can reset the logs by shutting down the IIS Administrator Service (iisadmin) by using the iisreset command or the net stop iisadmin /y command. Next, delete the IIS log file found in C:\Winnt\System32\LogFiles, and restart the w3svc service by using the net start w3svc command.
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var key = "Customers_" + query; $("#RootView").data(key, downloadedInfo);
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For more information about the minimum and recommended system requirements for each server edition, see 3, Preparing for the Installation and Getting Started.
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If your computer can support two monitors, or if you will be presenting a slide show from your computer through a projector, you might want to check out Presenter view. In this view, you can control the presentation on one monitor while the audience sees the slides in Slide Show view on the delivery monitor or the projector screen. To deliver a presentation on one monitor and use Presenter view on another: 1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to set up. 2. On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Set Up Slide Show. The Set Up Show dialog box opens. When your computer is set up to use multiple monitors, the settings in the Multiple Monitors area are active. 3. In the Multiple Monitors area, click the Display Slide Show On arrow, and then in the list, click the name of the monitor you want to use to show the slides to your audience. The slides will display full-screen on the specified monitor. 4. Select the Show Presenter View check box, and then click OK. 5. With the title slide of the presentation active, switch to Slide Show view. The title slide is displayed full screen on the delivery monitor, and Presenter view is displayed on the control monitor. As the presenter, you can see details about what slide or bullet point is coming next, see your speaker notes, jump directly to any slide, black out the screen during a pause in the presentation, and keep track of the time. 6. On the control monitor, use the Presenter view tools to control the presentation.
Search items on Report Server
data warehouse A relational database used as a
Because the Different First Page check box in the Options group on the Design tab is selected, the header area is labeled First Page Header.
Once you have formulated the hypothesis, you are ready to develop a solution to the performance problem. In many cases, you will not be able to immediately solve the problem. You might instead have to develop a test to further narrow down the problem. Your test might be designed to split the problem or to improve some aspect of the system. Components of the solution include the following:
Public Class MoneyMover Inherits ServicedComponent End Class
<DllImport( filename.dll", CharSet:=charsetoption, ExactSpelling:=bool, _ EntryPoint:="procname", CallingConvention:=calloption, _ SetLastError:=bool, BestFitMapping:=bool, ThrowOnUnmappableChar:=bool>
Declarative Configuration
No validation is performed if the input control is empty, so you should use a RequiredFieldValidator control to ensure that an empty field displays an error message.
5. Click the first cell in the table1_SubCategory header, and then, in the Properties window, type 12pt in the Padding Left property field. Repeat for the first cell in the table1_SubCategory footer cell. 6. On the File menu, click Save All. 7. Click the Preview tab.
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