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1 In Access, select the table or query you want to export. 2 Choose Export from the File menu. 3 When the Export dialog box appears, select Windows SharePoint Services in the Files Of Type drop-down list. This opens the Export To Windows SharePoint Services Wizard.
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Part of a suite of products aimed at making enterprise applications more scalable, StateServer runs as a service on every machine in your server farm and stores data objects in memory while making them globally accessible across the farm within its distributed data grid. Its top selling points are the patented technology for H/A, its comprehensive API, and the outstanding StateServer console for administrative and management tasks. For more information, visit scaleout-stateserver.
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standard Default Domain Policy that applies to all computers in a domain, and multiple custom OUs, to which you can link GPOs.
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Here, there is a data set for each snapshot that has been created. The most important information is the following:
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Use properties to initialize an object
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Deploy Roles And Members Deploy Roles And Retain Members Retain Roles And Members
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The Visual Basic .NET solution
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Inside Out
2 Installing Reporting Services
Authoring Reports
Every project has an ultimate goal or intent: the reason that the project was started. This is called the project deliverable. This deliverable might be a tangible product, such as a new book, or a service or event, such as a product launch party. Defining the right tasks to create the deliverable is an essential skill for a project manager. The task lists you create in Project should describe all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. When developing your task lists, you might find it helpful to distinguish product scope from project scope. Product scope describes the quality, features, and functions of the deliverable of the project. In the scenario used in Part 1 of this book, for example, the deliverable is a new children s book, and the product scope might include its number of pages and illustrations. Project scope, on the other hand, describes the work required to deliver such a product or service. In our scenario, the project scope includes detailed tasks relating to generating publicity and advance reviews for the book.
9. When you click Next to continue, the cluster creation process begins. The Creating the Cluster page shows you the progress of the cluster creation and notifies you when it has completed successfully. Even though it has completed successfully
The included columns index is an index where additional column values that are not used in the key values of the index are included in the index. This allows for smaller indexes that can provide a covering function. Since the size and number of key columns determine the number of index levels, there is a benefit in keeping them as small as possible. If the addition of another key column does not make the index any more selectable, then it is not worth adding it to the keys unless it can be used in a covering fashion. With the included columns index these included columns are not part of the index key but are stored in the leaf node of the index, similar to a clustered index. The included columns index offers several advantages over the clustered index, including the following:
Alternatively, you can type the expression in the field directly. By double-clicking objects from the Fields collection to insert the field names, you can be sure that you re not introducing a spelling error. Important
The Cube Designer in Visual Studio includes a tab for Actions. You use the form on this tab to define an action by specifying the action target, the action type, and the action expression that generates a string used to run the action. An action target is the portion of the cube to which the action relates and is the object that the user clicks to launch the action. The action expression is a multidimensional expression (MDX) that evaluates as a string relevant to the action type. Each action type has its own syntax requirements, but generally you include the MDX CurrentMember function in the action expression to link the object to the current cube context. In this procedure, you ll add a new URL action to open a Web page that contains a report for a selected product. Create a URL action 1. Run PublishReports.cmd in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Microsoft Press\as2005sbs\chap10 folder to publish the reports that you need so that you can follow the procedures in this chapter. Important
There might be a few modifications to the cluster configuration that you will want to do. In addition, you should check and make sure that all of the names, IP addresses, and so on, are correct. Other things to validate include the following:
Key Points
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