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Part II: barcode control
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Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
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Installation Folder
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Review current execution logging settings
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jQuery Programming
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ASP.NET is t he collect ion of .NET t ools t hat explicit ly t arget Web applicat ion dev elopm ent . The defining elem ent of Web applicat ions is t hat br owsers com m unicat e w it h a Web serv er in a call- and- r esponse dy nam ic. The br owser sends a page of cont ent as a file t o t he Web ser ver, and t he ser ver can respond wit h a new page of inform at ion t o t he browser. You can t hink of t his ex change of inform at ion bet w een t he br owser and t he Web serv er as a r ound- t r ip. While br owsers can run program s locally wit hout exchanging inform at ion w it h t he Web serv er , it s t he r ound- t rip feat ur e t hat dist inguishes Web applicat ions fr om classic Windows applicat ions. One aspect of Web secur it y is t hat t he abilit y of browsers t o r un pr ogram s locally is r est r ict ed. Windows applicat ions, in cont rast , specifically exploit t he r esources of a local work st at ion t o prov ide a r ich com put ing env ironm ent . Chapt er 10 described how t o deliv er dat a access and m anipulat ion capabilit ies via a dat a set residing on a local workst at ion. I n ASP.NET applicat ions, t he dat a set t ypically r esides w it h t he Web page t hat a browser and a Web serv er exchange w it h one anot her. Any updat es r esult ing from t he com m unicat ion of a Web ser ver wit h a dat abase ser ver result in a refr eshed dat a set for r et ur n t o a Web browser. Because t he page m ov es back and fort h bet w een t he browser and t he Web serv er, y ou should scale t he size of dat a set s residing on t he page so t hat t he dat a set s don t significant ly add t o t he exchange t im e bet w een a br owser and a Web ser ver. Figur e 11- 1 graphically port r ays how ASP.NET facilit at es t he com m unicat ion am ong a browser, a Web serv er , and a dat abase serv er, such as a SQL Ser ver inst ance. Not ice in t he figur e t hat a cy linder represent ing a dat a set r esides on a page. The page is passed fr om a browser t o a Web serv er and back again. The exchange bet w een a br owser and a Web serv er t akes place t hr ough a Web. This can be t he I nt er net , a com panyw ide int ranet , or y our HTTP connect ion t o a local Web serv er r unning on your m achine. I n fact , m any of t he sam ples in t his chapt er are configured so y ou can t est t hem w it h a local Web serv er on your com put er. Not ice t hat t he browser doesn t dir ect ly int er face wit h t he dat abase ser ver. I nst ead, t he Web serv er com m unicat es w it h t he dat abase serv er and ex changes dat a wit h t he br owser; t he Web serv er st ands bet ween t he br owser and t he dat abase serv er . This process enables t he br ow ser t o v iew dat a on t he dat abase serv er and sy nchronize it s updat es wit h t hose of ot her dat abase users. Figu r e 1 1 - 1 . A sch e m a t ic illu st ra t in g t h e r ou nd- t rip p roce ss for d a t a on a W e b pa ge in ASP.N ET.
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Click the Preview tab. Your screen looks like this (although the sequence of errors might differ):
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Designing and Managing the Domain Environment
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The RecordEvent Pipeline
public interface IProductRepository : IRepository<Product> { IQueryable<Product> GetProductsOnSale(); }
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence
Click this link to display a SharePoint Web page where you can sign up to receive e-mail whenever someone changes the document. Click this link to lock the library copy of the current document so that no one but the current user (you) can change it. This remains in effect until you check the document in.
An XmlDataDocument is a synchronized hierarchical view of a DataSet.
Practice 1: Run Standard Data Collector Sets Run each standard data collector set on several production computers. Analyze the report generated by each. n Practice 2: Run Reliability Monitor Run Reliability Monitor on several production computers. How stable are the computers Can you identify the cause of any stability problems n Practice 3: Create a Custom Data Collector Set Using several applications that your organization uses internally, create a data collector set that gathers each of the application s configuration settings.
Figure 19-1 shows the output produced by a similar routine in the demo application, which displays the result in a TextBox control instead of in the console window.
of database designed specifically to support analysis for decision-making.
Find out what turns an object into a component. See how Microsoft XNA really uses components to make game creation easy. Experiment with artificial intelligence (AI) in a game. Turn "Bread and Cheese" into an arcade-quality game.
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