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In the Projects Types tree, click Visual Basic Projects or Visual C# Projects. In the Templates list, click Windows Control Library. In the Name box, type GamesLibrary and then click OK.
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Part 3: Windows Server 2003 Upgrades and Migrations
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When you re creating the exception object, you can specify a more precise message by passing an argument to the exception object s constructor:
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Performance requirements and testing objectives are typically derived from the perspectives of system users, business owners, and the project team, as well as compliance expectations and technological considerations. To have confidence in the completeness of your system acceptance criteria, they should be based on the information collected from all these different perspectives, which should result in a single set of verifiable, complementary performance requirements and testing objectives.
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I have included the last byte with e (ASCII code hexadecimal 65) and the rst byte with g (ASCII code hexadecimal 67), and in between, there are 24 other bytes. Bytes 16 through 23 (the 17th through the 24th bytes) of those 24 bytes are treated as an 8-byte numeric value: cc08000001000000. We need to reverse the byte order and break it into a 2-byte hex value for the slot number, a 2-byte hex value for the le number, and a 4-byte hex value for the page number. So the le number is 0x0000 for slot 0 because this over owing column is the rst (and only) data on the row-over ow page. We have 0x0001, or 1, for the le number, and 0x000008cc, or 2252, for the page number. These are the same le and page numbers that we saw using DBCC IND. The rst 16 bytes in the row have the meanings indicated in Table 7-1.
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Custom Windows Forms Controls
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int[] pins = { 9, 3, 7, 2 }; int[] copy = new int[4];
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<browserCaps> <result type="class /> <use var="HTTP_USER_AGENT /> browser=Unknown version=n.m majorver=n minorver=m frames=false tables=false <!-- other browser settings --> <filter> <case match="Windows 98|Win98">platform=Win98</case> <case match="Windows NT|WinNT">platform=WinNT</case> </filter> <!-- other filters and cases --> </browserCaps>
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The Visual Studio .NET Tools
2. On the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables, and then click Cost.
The MethodImpl Attribute
Minimum 512 MB, recommended 1 GB
Create a delegate instance (of the same type as the event), and detach the delegate instance from the event by using the = operator. For example:
Query Processing
The effect of this script assignment is to replace any measure values that would normally display for the Abbas member (with key value 294) and the descendants of this member with a null value. This technique is useful when there are portions of the cube that you never want anyone to be able to see. 5. Deploy the project. When this operation is finished, click the Browse tab, click the Reconnect button, clear the grid, and then place all measures in the grid with the Employees hierarchy on rows. Right-click the CEO caption and click Show Empty Cells. Drill down from Sanchez to each lower level until you locate the Abbas member, then drill down one more level. The grid looks like this:
Click the Layout tab, right-click the Sales Amount column handle, and then click Insert Column To The Right. Type Cumulative in the new cell in the Category group header (the second row of the table). Click the Align Right button on the Report Formatting toolbar. Add the following expression to the Cumulative cell in the detail row:
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