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The rs utility requires an input file with an .rss file extension that is written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET. Reporting Services ships with a sample Visual Basic .NET script file, PublishSampleReports.rss (located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Samples\Reporting Services\Script Samples folder, but you must first install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Samples from the Sample program group, which is located in the
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Figure 33-5.
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myConditions(0).Name = "Name"
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Custom Development
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will be associated with each measure group. You have the option to generate the relational schema immediately after completing the wizard. However, before taking this step, you might want to modify or delete the analysis objects created from the template first. In this procedure, you ll start the Cube Wizard to create a new cube. Build a new cube 1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the Cubes folder, and then click New Cube. The Welcome page of the Cube Wizard is displayed. If you want to bypass this page in the future, just select the Don t Show This Page Again check box to disable the page permanently. 2. Click Next. In this procedure, you ll select the option to create a cube using a template, but without an underlying database. Specify a data source 1. Click Build The Cube Without Using A Data Source. 2. Select the Use A Cube Template check box, and then select Adventure Works Standard Edition from the template drop-down list. The Select Build Method page of the Cube Wizard now looks like this:
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Unicode Character Strings nchar[(n)] nvarchar[(n)] nvarchar[(max)]
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In the program window, you can click the Help button (a question mark in a blue
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In the XAML pane, add code to specify the event, and then either select an existing method that has the appropriate signature or click the <Add New Event> command on the shortcut menu that appears, and then write the code that handles the event in the event method that is created.
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
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Physical database file that holds the contents of the
To work with entire CSS classes, you have ad hoc functions such as those in Table 21-7.
You can make your contact phone numbers available to other Windows Messenger users. By default, Windows Messenger starts automatically when you log on to your computer. (You can disable this feature if you find it distracting.) You can specify how long you can be away from your computer before Windows Messenger shows your status as Away. The default is 10 minutes. Windows Messenger can display pop-up messages or play sounds to alert you to new chat messages, new e-mail messages, or the arrival of one of your contacts online. You can choose who can see your online status and who has permission to send you messages. When another Windows Messenger user adds you to his or her Contact list, you receive an instant message the next time you sign on, asking if you would like to allow that person to see your online status. Whenever you're online, you can see a list of the people who have added you to their Contact list and either allow them to see you or block them from seeing you. Protecting Children's Privacy
Report Manager now displays the contents of the folder as a single list with check boxes to the left of each item and the item details, such as modification date and author. Notice that the Delete and Move buttons are currently inactive. You must first select one or more items in the folder to activate these buttons. To select all data sources in this folder, select the check boxes for rs2000sbs, rs2000sbsDW, and rs2000sbsOLAP, and then click the Move button on the Report Manager toolbar. The folder hierarchy of the Report Server displays in the Move Multiple Items page. You can navigate this hierarchy to locate a target folder for the items selected from the previous page. Alternatively, you can enter the path of the folder in the Location box. Click the Data Sources folder, as shown here, and then click the OK button:
34. 35. }
for actions and targets, namely: sys.server_event_session_actions and sys.server_event_session_ targets. A nal view, sys.server_event_session_ elds, contains information about settings that can be customized for a given event or target. For example, the ring buffer target s memory consumption can be set to a speci c amount by a user; if the target is used, the memory setting appears in this view.
1 2 1 4 1 8 8 64 128 MB 2 GB 128 MB 4 GB
Here, the path starts with the UNC computer name or IP address of the local or remote computer you are working with and includes the object name and the object counter to use. If you wanted to track System\Processor Queue Length on CORPSVR02, you d type:
Connect to the Reporting Services databases The Report Server must be able to access the Reporting Services databases. You can create a dedicated user account for this purpose, either as a service account, a domain account, or a SQL Server login. During installation of Reporting Services, you must provide the credentials for this account. (If you choose to use a SQL Server login, this account will be created in the SQL Server instance if it doesn t already exist.) Setup will assign the account to the RSExecRole and public roles on the ReportServer, ReportServerTempDB, master, and msdb databases.
A method is a named part of a program. In this case the method has the name Draw (you can ignore the protected override void part for now). All you need to know at the moment is that when XNA wants to draw the screen, it will use this method. You can change what gets drawn by altering the content of this method. At the moment you just get a blue screen; if you look at the second line of the preceding code, you can see where the blue screen comes from.
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