Establishing a PKI in .NET

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Managing Content
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Hashtable ages = new Hashtable(); ages.Add( John , 42); you can use this: Hashtable ages = new Hashtable(); ages[ John ] = 42;
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Tip If you leave the mouse pointer over a variable in the Visual Studio 2008 Code and Text Editor window, a ScreenTip appears, telling you the type of the variable.
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Figure 10-10 sp_helpdb <database_name> output.
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Once you ve created a game and deployed it to an Xbox 360 or Windows Phone, the game itself remains stored inside the machine for you to load and play later, without the need for a PC to be attached. You can find the games you have created by selecting your Game Library on the Xbox 360 or entering the Xbox Live Games menu on the Windows Phone.
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13. Build the solution, and x any errors that are reported.
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The Network Diagram view appears. In this view, each task is represented by a box or node, and each node contains several pieces of information (or fields) about the task.
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146 Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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To Add a data region
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Backup tail of log on primary if possible and apply to secondary generate data matrix
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The Data Field Validation Table uses the following abbreviations: G NA Not applicable G AN Alphanumeric characters are permitted G N Numeric characters are permitted G Format Standard format used (for example, the standard email format is G Spaces White (or blank) spaces are permitted G Hyphen, @, #, and so on Specific characters, such as hyphens, are permitted (for example, hyphens may be permitted in phone numbers) G Data type Information in brackets specifies the field type in the database (for example, [nvc] indicates nvarchar) G SP Stored procedure search parameter size
Setting Logon Hours
Area Icon For Notifying About Mounts.
assum es bot h code blocks reside wit hin t he sam e pr ocedur e as t hey do in t he m ain procedur e for Module1 of t he XMLSam ples solut ion. This second block defines a different XML docum ent t hr ough it s SQL st ring t han t he first code block. The XML docum ent fr om t he first block cont ains a list of pr oduct s, but t he second block s XML docum ent is a list of em ploy ees. I n addit ion, t he XPat h query changes t o ext ract a specific subset of em ployees. The m ain point of t he second block is t hat y ou can use any SQL st ring t o generat e an XML docum ent and t hen query it w it h an appr opriat e XPat h query. You achiev e t his flex ibilit y w it hout hav ing t o m odify any int er nal code in t he RunXPat hQuery Wit hArgum ent For AnyLocalDocum ent pr ocedur e. You could r eadily ext end t his applicat ion by offering a list of pr ev iously form ulat ed SQL query st at em ent s w it h m at ching XPat h query st at em ent s. I n t his way , y ou can dram at ically sim plify t he t ask of generat ing and using XML docum ent s for t hose j ust gaining fam iliarit y wit h t he t opic. Dim strSQL As String = "SELECT * FROM Employees FOR XML AUTO" Dim strXPath As String = "//Employees[@EmployeeID>4]" RunXPathQueryWithArgumentForAnyLocalDocument(strSQL, strXPath ) Despit e it s subst ant ially enhanced generalit y, t he pr ocedur e in t his sect ion is near ly ident ical t o t he one in t he preceding sect ion. The m aj or m odificat ion is t he using of t he t wo passed st ring var iables st r SQL and st r XPat h. I n addit ion, t his procedur e changes t he assignm ent for t he Root Tag so t hat it isn t t ied t o a list of product s but rat her t o a list of any t ype of ent it y. The applicat ion alway s uses a connect ion t o t he Nort hwind dat abase, but you can param et er ize t he connect ion st ring as well t o obt ain ev en gr eat er generalit y. At t he v er y least , y ou will want t o change t he connect ion st ring so t hat it refers t o a dat abase in your applicat ion. Sub RunXPathQueryWithArgumentForAnyLocalDocument( _ ByVal strSQL As String, ByVal strXPath As String) Specify connection string for SqlXmlCommand. Dim cnn1String As String = _ "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=(local);" & _ "database=Northwind;" & _ "Integrated Security=SSPI" Specify connection for cmd1 SqlXmlCommand object. Dim cmd1 As SqlXmlCommand = _ New Microsoft.Data.SqlXml.SqlXmlCommand(cnn1String) Designate data source for cmd1 with result set in XML format. cmd1.RootTag = "MyRoot" cmd1.CommandType = SqlXmlCommandType.Sql cmd1.CommandText = strSQL Pass the cmd1 result set to an XmlReader, and load an XmlDocument with the contents of the XmlReader. Dim xrd1 As System.Xml.XmlReader = cmd1.ExecuteXmlReader() Dim xdc1 As New System.Xml.XmlDocument() xdc1.Load(xrd1) Close the reader. xrd1.Close() Specify an XPath query based on the strXPath argument for nodes from the xdc1 XmlDocument. Dim xnl1 As System.Xml.XmlNodeList = _ xdc1.DocumentElement. _ SelectNodes(strXPath) Declare a node and a string.
sp_control_plan_guide N'DROP', N'MyPlanGuide';
A Cache Dependency for XML Data
Note that only the primary le is required to have a < lespec> entry because the primary le contains information about the location of all the other les. If you ll be attaching existing les with a different path than when the database was rst created or last attached, you must have additional < lespec> entries. In any event, all the data les for the database must be available, whether or not they are speci ed in the CREATE DATABASE command. If there are multiple log les, they must all be available. However, if a read/write database has a single log le that is currently unavailable and if the database was shut down with no users or open transactions before the attach operation, FOR ATTACH rebuilds the log le and updates information about the log in the primary le. If the database is read-only, the primary le cannot be updated, so the log cannot be rebuilt. Therefore, when you attach a read-only database, you must specify the log le or les in the FOR ATTACH clause. Alternatively, you can use the FOR ATTACH_REBUILD_LOG option, which speci es that the database will be created by attaching an existing set of operating system les. This option is limited to read/write databases. If one or more transaction log les are missing, the log is rebuilt. There must be a < lespec> entry specifying the primary le. In addition, if the log les are available, SQL Server uses those les instead of rebuilding the log les, so the FOR ATTACH_REBUILD_LOG will function as if you used FOR ATTACH. If your transaction log is rebuilt by attaching the database, using the FOR ATTACH_REBUILD_ LOG breaks the log backup chain. You should consider making a full backup after performing this operation.
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