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1 Use the Width and Height boxes to stretch or shrink the button picture. To change these values proportionately, make sure that the Maintain Proportions check box is selected. To change Height without changing Width (or vice versa) make sure that the Maintain Proportions check box is cleared. 2 Select the Create Hover Image check box if you want the button s appearance to change when the mouse pointer passes over it. Clear the check box if you don t want this effect.
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newDt.TableName = YoungEmployees"
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36. 37. }
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Components and Assemblies
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On the Report Server, make sure the delivery extension has not been removed or disabled. (Always back up the configuration file before making changes!) Check that the SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER) and the SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER) services are both running. Make sure the destination server is running either the e-mail server or the target computer with a file share, depending on the delivery extension used. If using file share delivery, confirm that the file share is configured for write access, that the subscription is using the proper credentials, and that the disk is not full.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Features
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ASP.NET Pipeline Security Context
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The XML is passed to the XSL ISAPI filter, which determines that the appropriate style sheet is identified in Index-Config.xml. The XSL ISAPI filter examines the HTTP request header information to determine the browser type and version. Then it matches the browser information with the appropriate style sheet in IndexConfig.xml. If no matching entry is found, the default style sheet (Index-IE5.xsl) is applied.
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Limiting Data That Appears on Your Screen
A bigger window lets you work more quickly and with more clarity of purpose. Feel free to move or resize a window when you need to see more of it.
Transaction log
LISTING 8-2 Example of APPLY Query
50. End Sub
For example, this section of machine.config adds an alias named ie4 to the collection of ASP.NET aliases:
Note When you type the period following Month, IntelliSense will automatically display
Choosing a Data Type
Work in the OneNote program window, page 519
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
A tab named New Tab (Custom) appears below the most recently active tab in the Main Tabs list.
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