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As you become more proficient with MDX queries, you will discover many useful functions are available to create and manipulate sets. The MDX query window in SQL Server Management Studio includes a list of functions organized by category in the metadata pane. You can drag and drop functions from this list if you need help with the function syntax. In this procedure, you ll use the Children and CrossJoin functions to create sets for an MDX query. Use sets and set functions in MDX queries 1. Highlight the MDX query for Query #4, press Ctrl+C to copy it, click at the end of the query, press Enter twice, and then press Ctrl+V to paste a copy of the query at the bottom of the query window. 2. Move the insertion point to the line above the word Select, and type // My Query. Note
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A JSONP solution is effective and cross-browser capable, but it can be used only with agreeable sites and in conformance with the rules they set.
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Create the following XML declaration for this XML document: < xml version="1.0 standalone="yes > xtw.WriteStartDocument(True)
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An .aspx page with five controls on it
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Handle the Closing event for the form
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You can now see the rows contained in the writeback table. You can resize the window as necessary to see all the columns. The MS_AUDIT_TIME and MS_AUDIT_USER columns on the right contain audit-trail information: the name of the user who made the changes, and the time the changes were made. The Sales_x0020_Units_0 column on the left contains the measure for the cube. (The table includes one column for each measure in the cube.) The remaining columns contain the member keys for each level of each dimension in the cube for which data has been entered. The writeback table stores incremental values. If you were to change the value of Sales Units for Bikes in quarter 1 of 2004 to 4,000 and write the value back to the cube again, you would get an additional row with new audit information and the value 1,000. 10. Close SQL Server Management Studio and Excel. Note
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Report Authoring with Custom Development CD-433
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The values for all the sessions are stored in a custom data store. The values for all the sessions are maintained as live objects in the memory of the ASP.NET worker process. This is the default option. Session state is disabled, and no state client provider is active. The values for all the sessions are serialized and stored in a SQL Server table. The nstance of SQL Server can run either locally or remotely. The values for all the sessions are serialized and stored in the memory of a separate system process (aspnet_state.exe). The process can also run on another machine. Session values are deserialized into the session dictionary at the beginning of the request. If the request completes successfully, state values are serialized into the process memory and made available to other pages.
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Layout Of Web Parts Contained In The Zone
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Generate a relational schema Create an empty database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio; based on a cube that was creat- launch the Schema Generation Wizard in Visual Studio by choosing this oped without a data source tion on the final page of the Cube Wizard, by clicking the link in the Diagram pane of the Cube Structure tab within the Cube Designer, or by clicking Generate Relational Schema from the Database menu; and then, in the wizard, specify a target database and select database schema options. Deploy and process a cube Browse a cube In Solution Explorer, right-click the Analysis Services project that contains the cube, and then click Deploy. In Solution Explorer, double-click the .cube file in the Cubes folder to open the Cube Designer, and then click the Browser tab.
The key to understanding what is happening is the comparison operator. When the program evaluates this condition, the values on the left and right of the operator are compared. If they are the same, the result of the comparison is true, and the statement that follows the condition is performed. If they are different, the result of the comparison is false, and the statement that follows the comparison is ignored. The sequence is the comparison operator. It is completely different from the operator, which we know as the gozzinta. It is important that you don t get these two confused. Unfortunately, you have both a gozzinta and a comparison taking place in the if statement because you want to put a new value into redCountingUp if the comparison succeeds. Fortunately, the compiler can usually detect when you use the wrong operator and produce a message. There are other comparison operators that can test to see if one value is greater or less than another; we will use these later. An if statement that uses a comparison operator can have an else part; it is just that we don t need one here. The final code to make our red intensity value move up and down ends up as follows:
ASP.NET Pages and Server Controls
Create attribute relationships
Designing Lists, Libraries, and Pages
You re not limited to viewing reports when using URLs. You can also view resources or data sources, as well as the contents of a specified folder, as shown in the previous illustration. Alternatively, you could use http://localhost/ReportServer /Custom+Reporting to view the contents of this folder. However, the addition of the &rs:Command=ListChildren parameter eliminates the need for Report Server to determine the type of item being requested, thus speeding up the return of the requested information in this case, the list of items contained in the Custom Reporting folder.
ClientQueryString ClientTarget
object_id name schema_id type_desc ----------- ------------------ ----------- -----------------917578307 employee 1 UsER_TABLE
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