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Choosing a Web Server Certificate Provider
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TO PACKAGE AND PUBLISH YOUR APPLICATION 1 make sure the Build Action properties is set to Content for all of the *.gif images in the Solution
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<urlMappings enabled="true"> <add url="~/main.aspx" mappedUrl="~/default.aspx tab=main" /> </urlMappings>
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8 Quick Reference
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double d = 1.5; int i = (int) d;
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implemented EPM already. Succeeding with EPM requires a strong willingness from the leadership of the organization (executive sponsorship), a well-trained group of administrators, project and resource managers, and a software infrastructure capable of enabling it. The following are some resources to help with your evaluation, planning, and deployment of a Project Server based EPM solution:
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Special Permission
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Any clients using BOOTP are likely to have their TCP/IP options truncated.
The Trojan Horse
window the first time you run this command because Visual Studio parses the system registry and looks for all the registered COM components. When this process is com pleted, you see a list of components like the one shown in Figure 30-5. In the next sec tion I will describe a code sample that uses COM Interop to access Microsoft Word, so you ll need to add a reference to the Microsoft Word library to compile the sample. Select the library from the list and click OK to start the type library import process. When the dialog box disappears, you will see new nodes in the References subtree in the Solution Explorer window; you can right-click on them to display their Properties.
public class BarChartItemEventArgs : EventArgs { private BarChartItem _item; public BarChartItemEventArgs(BarChartItem item) { _item = item; } // Properties public BarChartItem Item { get { return _item; } } }
Add text to a shape. PowerPoint centers the text as you type, and the text becomes
Despite its defects, the DeriveParameters method fits the bill during the prototyping phase, but be prepared to replace it with code that populates the Parameters collection manually before you ship the application. Here s a tip: you should always reference your parameters by their names rather than by their indexes in the Parameters collec; tion so that you don t have to change your code if you switch from automatic to man; ual creation of the Parameters collection. And don t include the return value parameter (if the stored procedure doesn t have one):
3. True. A method is a member of a class. You use a method to ask an instance of a class to do something for you. 4. True. The statements are performed when the method is called. Used like this, a method lets you use a given sequence of statements from any part of your program simply by calling it. 5. False. A method that specifies a return type of void does not return a result to the caller. 6. False. A method can contain many return statements. If the method returns a result, each return statement must be followed by a result that s an expression of the correct type. 7. False. You ve seen methods that don t accept any parameters. 8. False. The C# compiler is very picky about method calls. If the call doesn t exactly match the header definition (the signature) of the method, the compiler will produce an error. 9. False. When you work with test-driven development, you do the testing as you write the program. Often you write the tests before you write the code. 10. False. One of the many wonderful aspects of XNA Game Studio 2.0 is the way that you can set a breakpoint in your code even if it s running on an Xbox. When you run the program in debugging mode, the next time the program reaches the line, the program stops. 11. False. The int type holds a value that doesn t have a fractional part. This means that when you move a floating point value (which does have a fractional part) into an integer variable, the fractional part of the data will be lost. This is called narrowing. The C# compiler won t let a programmer unintentionally lose or damage data in this way, so it will refuse to allow such a transfer unless the programmer explicitly takes responsibility for the effect of the action by adding a cast. 12. True. The double precision type can hold all integer values, so there will be no loss of data when the move takes place. This is called widening. 13. True. It tells the compiler that although the actual data is in one type, for the purposes of the program, the data needs to be converted into an alternative type. This is the programmer s way of taking responsibility for the consequences of the action. When you move a floating point value into an integer location, you re destroying data in that the fractional part of the floating point value will be lost. The cast is the way that you tell the compiler that you know what you re doing, and the compiler then allows the conversion to take place. 14. False. Although casting does perform conversion between similar types (programmers can cast between integers, bytes, doubles, floating points, and the like), it cannot automatically convert any type to any other type. Only conversions that have been predefined are allowed.
Fill both tables.
The BusinessEntityID is 1 byte, with the value 0x82, or +2 The Birthdate is 3 bytes The MaritalStatus is 1 byte, with the value 0x0053, or S The VacationHours is 1 byte, with the value 0x81, or +1
Working with Page Headers
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