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You must restart the instance of SQL Server for the awe-enabled option to take effect.
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Catastrophic failure. Recall tapes. Rebuild everything
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<Window x:Class= BellRingers.Window1 ... Title= ... ... Closing= Window_Closing >
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Click the Data Sources link and create a Custom Data Source. As the connection string, use data source=localhost;initial catalog=rs2000sbsDW. Select the option, Credentials Stored Securely In The Report Server. Use ReportExecution as the user name and ReportExecution as the password. Click the Apply button.
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The XML File Format
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You can prevent users from using subscriptions by removing the Manage individual subscriptions task assignment. Users will no longer be able to access the Subscription page of a report when using Report Manager, but any active subscriptions will continue to execute. Rather than completely disable subscriptions, you might prefer to prevent the use of a specific delivery extension. If you remove a delivery extension from the RSWebApplication.config configuration file, this extension is no longer available as a report delivery option in Report Manager. You can also remove the delivery extension from the RSReportServer.config file, but any subscriptions that were using that delivery extension will become inactive. Inactive subscriptions, because they don t do anything, don t cause any problems on the Report Server, but it s considered good practice to delete the inactive subscriptions that result from the removal of a delivery extension. (Handling inactive subscriptions is discussed later in this chapter.)
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Notice at the bottom of the screen that you can optionally specify a start date or an end date for the schedule, or both. Click the OK button, and then click the Apply button to complete the configuration.
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ASP.NET controls let you set style attributes in two nonexclusive ways using the CssClass property and using style properties. The CssClass property takes the name of a CSS class and passes it on to the class attribute of the root HTML tag generated for the control. More often than not, though, ASP.NET controls produce a complex markup where multiple HTML tags are rendered together but yet need to be styled differently. Although this is far from
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The primary difference between a standard user and an administrator in Windows Vista is the level of access the user has over core, protected areas of the computer. For example, standard users by default cannot write to the system root (typically, the C:\Windows folder) or to most areas of the registry, but administrators can. In addition, administrators can change the system state, turn off the firewall, configure security policy, install a service or a driver that affects every user on the computer, and install software for the entire computer. Standard users can perform these particular tasks only if they are able to provide valid administrative credentials when prompted.
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Policies and PKI
Don t index very small tables With very small tables there is more overhead than benefit involved with the index. Since an index adds pages that must be read, a table scan might sometimes be more efficient. Create covering indexes when possible Covering indexes are greatly enhanced with the introduction of included columns indexes. Index views where appropriate gates and some joins. Indexed views can be very effective with aggre-
using t he OPENROWSET funct ion because t he link ed serv er sy nt ax is m or e st raight forward, and y ou no longer hav e t o perform t he first t wo st eps. Creat e a link ed serv er for a r em ot e or het er ogeneous dat a source w it h t he sp_addlinkedserv er syst em st ored procedure. This procedure can t ak e as m any as seven argum ent s, but you can use as few as t wo argum ent s for cr eat ing a reference t o a rem ot e SQL Server source and as few as four argum ent s for a linked ser ver point ing t o an Access dat a source. Aft er cor rect ly init ializing t he linked ser ver reference wit h t he sp_addlink edserver syst em st ored pr ocedur e, inv oke sp_addlink edsrv login for m apping logins on t he curr ent SQL Ser v er 2000 inst ance t o logins for t he rem ot e or het er ogeneous dat a source. When a user runs a query on t he local ser ver against t he link ed ser ver, t he local serv er logs in t o t he link ed serv er w it h t he credent ials specified when t he sp_addlink edsrv login syst em st ored procedur e was last r un for t he link ed serv er. You can invok e t he sp_linkedserv ers syst em st ored pr ocedur e t o it em ize in a r esult set t he link ed serv ers defined on a local serv er .
Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports System.Reflection System.IO System.IO.IsolatedStorage System.Security.Permissions System.Net System.Net.Sockets System.Web.Mail
MyMethod(ref location.X); // compile-time error
human resources, and some manufacturing tasks. Organizer In Microsoft Project, a dialog box with which you can copy views, tables, filters, and other items between the Global.mpt template and other plans or between two different plans. outline A hierarchy of summary tasks and subtasks within Microsoft Project, usually corresponding to major phases of work. overallocated The condition of resources when they are assigned to do more work than is their normal work capacity. phase A sequence of tasks that represent a major portion of the project s work. In Microsoft Project, phases are represented by summary tasks. planning The first major phase of project management work. Planning includes all the work in developing a project schedule up to the point where the tracking of actual work begins. predecessor A task whose start or end date determines the start or finish of another task or tasks, called successor tasks. product scope The quality, features, and functions (often called specifications) of the deliverable of the project. program office A department within an organization that oversees a collection of projects (such as producing wings and producing engines), each of which contributes to a complete deliverable (such as an airplane) and the organization s strategic objectives. progress bar A graphical representation on a bar in the Gantt Chart view that shows how much of a task has been completed. project A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. project calendar The base calendar that is used by the entire project. The project calendar defines normal working and nonworking days and times.
Figure 27-2
Case Scenario 1: Unwanted Internet Explorer Add-On
opposing arrows, double-click the mouse button. Then scroll through the document again. The white space at the top and bottom of each page and the gray space between pages are now hidden, as are the header and footer.
You remove the semicolon, the warning goes away, and the program works fine. Your younger brother is now starting to revise his opinion of you and offers to take out the trash that night, even though it is your turn. The Great Programmer Speaks: Helping Other People Is a Good Plan The Great
public void WalkTree() { }
Managing Unattended Installations
Cluster Size
Activity 8. Revisit Activities 1-3 and Consider Performance Acceptance Criteria
Figure 7-7 shows how XACT appears when it first starts up. This looks rather complicated, but you ll use only part of the XACT program to start with.
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