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An Active Directory forest with multiple trees.
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The operat ion of t his sam ple is st raight forward. Figur e 11- 19 shows t he Web page lay out . The page has t hr ee t ext box es, one for each of t he colum n values from t he Pr oduct s t able t hat t he page shows. Recall t hat t he SqlDat aAdapt er obj ect for t he pr ior sam ple uses a SQL st at em ent t hat ext ract s select ed colum ns from t he Pr oduct s t able in t he Nort hw ind dat abase, including t he t hree t hat appear in Figure 11- 19. The four but t ons below t he t ext box es enable navigat ion. From left t o r ight , t he but t ons m ov e t o t he first row, t he prev ious row, t he next row , and t he last row . When t he page opens init ially, it shows t he first row in t he Product s t able. The Product I D colum n cont ains values 1 t hrough 77, which run successively from t he fir st row t o t he last row . I nav igat ed t o t he 74t h row by click ing t he last r ow but t on and t hen click ing t he pr ev ious row but t on t hr ee t im es.
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Monitoring Log Shipping
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Once you have the actual bytes of a binary field, you can process them or display them as appropriate. In this case, the logo field contains a bitmap, so you can display it as follows:
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gr.TextRenderingHint = Drawing.Text.TextRenderingHint.AntiAlias
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Threads and Unhandled Exceptions
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1 Start a command prompt on a computer that has the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools installed. 2 Type the following command:
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Define a data source for an Analysis Services project. Create a data source view (DSV). Use the Dimension Wizard to build standard, time, and parent-child dimensions. Deploy Analysis Services database objects. Change dimension properties. Work with special properties of parent-child dimensions.
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Templates that you casually share with other Project users you know.
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11 The ListView Control
Part 2: Windows Server 2003 Installation
Connecting Users to Shared Printers
Always returns the empty string. Determines the algorithm to use to generate the ID of HTML elements being output as part of a control s markup. This property requires ASP.NET 4. Gets the query string portion of the requested URL. Set to the empty string by default; allows you to specify the type of browser the HTML should comply with. Setting this property disables automatic detection of browser capabilities. Indicates whether the page has to manage view-state data. You can also enable or disable the view-state feature through the EnableViewState attribute of the @Page directive. Indicates whether ASP.NET should calculate a machine-specific authentication code and append it to the page view state. Indicates whether the page supports themes. Always returns the empty string. Gets and sets the content of the description meta tag. This property requires ASP.NET 4. Gets and sets the content of the keywords meta tag. This property requires ASP.NET 4. Indicates whether to return the user to the same position in the client browser after postback. Indicates whether smart navigation is enabled. Smart navigation exploits a bunch of browser-specific capabilities to enhance the user s experience with the page.
Here s a test routine that saves and reloads a Hashtable object, using the routine just defined:
2. Implement the get accessor as shown in bold in the following code. The purpose of the accessor is to nd the name that matches the specifed phone number. To do this, you will need to call the static IndexOf method of the Array class. The IndexOf method performs a search through an array, returning the index of the rst item in the array that matches the speci ed value. The rst argument to IndexOf is the array to search through (phoneNumbers). The second argument to IndexOf is the item you are searching for. IndexOf returns the integer index of the element if it nds it; otherwise, IndexOf returns 1. If the indexer nds the phone number, it should return it; otherwise, it should return an empty Name value. (Note that Name is a structure and will always have a default constructor that sets its private eld to null.) The indexer with its completed get accessor should look like this:
Microsoft Windows Users option is selected by default. If you clear Microsoft Windows Users, the folder will be configured for use only by Apple Macintosh Users.
Deleting a Database Snapshot
Working with Table Rows
In this chapter, you will learn how to Insert and modify pictures. Change a document s background. Insert building blocks. Add WordArt text.
addressing problems in project management, it s useful to fit problems into one of these three categories. In virtually any project, one of these factors will be more important than the other two. The most important factor is sometimes called the driving constraint because meeting it drives your actions as a project manager. For example, for a project that must be concluded by a specific date, you might need to make cost and scope compromises to meet the deadline. Working with the project triangle provides you with a good method to analyze the trade-offs that nearly always must be made. Just as importantly, it gives you a clear way of explaining the pros and cons of trade-offs to the project s resources, sponsors, and other stakeholders. The specific issues that we ll focus on in this chapter are not necessarily the most common problems you ll face in your own projects. Because every project is unique, there s no way to anticipate what you ll run into. However, we ve attempted to highlight the most pressing issues at the midpoint of the new children s book project at Lucerne Publishing that we have been discussing throughout this book and apply solutions to common problems. You ve already worked with most of the features used in this chapter, but here your intent is different getting the project plan back on track.
Part 1: Part Title
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