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LOB (Large Object) LOB data such as image, ntext, text, varchar(max), nvarchar(max), and varbinary(max) cannot be indexed. XML XML columns can be indexed only in an XML index type.
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Understanding the C# Language
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The path is treated as a section name and is entered on its own line in square brackets.
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Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions c#
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The Resource ribbon replaces the Task ribbon.
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Troubleshooting Scope-of-Work Problems
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Windows Vista should be the most reliable version of Windows ever. However, computers are never perfect the combination of complex hardware, widely varying accessories, and custom applications inevitably leads to problems. Because you can t create a completely problem-free IT environment, you must plan to quickly identify and resolve problems when they do occur. Windows Vista includes several features that enable administrators to monitor and respond to problems. First, Windows Vista can forward events between computers, enabling you to collect on your workstation significant events from across your network. Additionally, you can monitor minute details of computers in real time using Performance Monitor. With Reliability Monitor, you can view a computer s history of changes and problems, which will often identify the source of a problem when the user can t list possible causes. If Reliability Monitor doesn t point to a cause, you can use data collector sets to gather configuration data and performance information about a computer for later analysis. Finally, for reoccurring problems, you can use Task Scheduler to automatically respond to events or proactively run tools that help to prevent problems.
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Notice that now the Product Category Average and the Grand Total for Average Reseller Sales both display $375. This scenario illustrates how the use of calculated members can get tricky. You must understand how business users need the data to be calculated when there is an intersection of calculated members, and then ensure that the order of the calculations in the Script Organizer produces correct results.
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Several custom toolbars are available for the taskbar. The toolbar that most people are familiar with is the Quick Launch toolbar, which provides quick access to commonly used programs and the Windows desktop. The taskbar can display other toolbars that come with Windows Server 2003, and you can create you own toolbars as well.
Indexes are really all about the I/O. You use indexes to decrease the number of I/O operations that you perform. When you perform a table scan, thousands or even millions of I/Os are generated. These operations are expensive. Using an index finds your data faster because there are fewer reads necessary in order to find your data. By performing fewer I/Os, performance is increased and resource utilization is reduced.
1. In the Main method of the Program class, add the following statements shown in bold type that create a new Tree for holding character data, populate it with some sample data by using the InsertIntoTree method, and then display it by using the WalkTree method of Tree:
Server A s primary scope is configured to use the IP address range to
Part II:
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Determing hardware bottlenecks and tuning your operating system environment can be a bit of an art form, which comes with experience and mastery of the skills discussed in 28, Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, and Tuning Methodologies. You should never make assumptions by looking at one set of gathered metrics but try to corroborate it through correlated data. When determining hardware bottlenecks, you need to identify which hardware susbsytem you should be examining.
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