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NumericUpDown Name YVectorA 12. Add a ListBox that will be used to specify the operation to perform with the vectors. Set the Name property to functions. 13. Add controls to specify the B vector, including the scalar multiplier. Control Label Property Text ForeColor NumericUpDown NumericUpDown Name Name Value Vector B Blue XVectorB YVectorB
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The SQL Server 2005 Setup program can be invoked in many ways. In most cases, the program will start automatically when the SQL Server 2005 DVD media is inserted into the DVD drive or when a remote network share is mapped onto the server. If the program is not automatically loaded, you can navigate to the Servers directory and double-click the Splash.hta program.
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Feb Bike
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out Because there is only one physical copy of a file with multiple hard links, the hard links do not have separate security descriptors. Only the source file has security descriptors. Thus, if you were to change the access permissions of a file using any of its hard links, you would actually change the security of the source file and all hard links that point to this file would have these security settings. You can create hard links by using the FSUTIL HARDLINK command. Use the following syntax:
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-- Return the average price for all titles in the second argument.
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Making a Prettier Clock with 3D Text
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Note that you might make the code a bit more concise by having TextFileReader imple ment both the IEnumerable and the IEnumerator interface. In general, however, keep ing the enumerator in a distinct class makes for a better design and helps make your code reusable. The .NET classes that implement the IEnumerable interface expose a Public GetEnu merator method that you can call explicitly. This technique lets you simplify the imple mentation of an enumerable class by implementing the IEnumerable interface only and having its GetEnumerator method return an instance of an inner object that supports IEnumerable. Here s the example of a class named ReverseIterator that can be used in a For Each loop to iterate over the elements of a collectionlike object that is, any object that implements the ICollection interface and hence the For Each statement in reverse order. The class uses an inner ArrayList object that is filled in the constructor method in such a way that the last element in the original collection becomes the first element in the ArrayList:
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Lesson 2: Configuring User Account Control
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The most basic part of an operating system is always in the computer in special memory that isn't erased even when the power is turned off. This basic part usually initializes the computer's memory and tells the computer how to get the main operating system, which it does by loading the program, usually from disk, into main memory. Once the operating system is loaded, the computer is capable of receiving, displaying, storing, retrieving, and transmitting information, and of performing the calculations that a computer is expected to perform. When the operating system is ready to get to work, it gives the user a prompt, a visual signal that tells the person it is waiting for input from the keyboard. On a microcomputer, the first input is usually a command of some sort that tells the computer what to do next. On large time-sharing systems, the first keystrokes are usually the user's account name and private password, which tell the computer who is logging on and give the system a chance to verify the person's right to use computer time. (This is the first level of computer security, by the way, and hackers are often required to breach this security in order to use the computer.) The prompt itself can be any symbol that the system programmer cares to choose, as long as it can be displayed on a video screen. Most prompts are either one or two characters long. Some include some type of information, such as the time or date, or an indication of what part of the computer the user is connected to at the moment. But
3 In the Site Links Not In This Site Link Bridge list, select a site link that should be included in the bridge and then click Add to add the site link to the Site Links In This Site Link Bridge list. Repeat this process for each site link you want to add to the bridge. The bridge must include at least two site links. 4 Click OK to close the New Object Site Link Bridge dialog box.
The Shared Workspace task pane is a new feature of Office 2003 that provides access to the SharePoint site where the document resides. This saves you from switching back and forth between the Office application and Internet Explorer. Table 1-2 explains the row of toolbar buttons near the top of the task pane.
Windows NT 4 local groups become domain local groups. Windows NT 4 global groups become global groups.
// if A is pressed and ascore1 is 0 copy the timer if (oldpad1.Buttons.A == ButtonState.Released && pad1.Buttons.A == ButtonState.Pressed && ascore1 == 0) { ascore1 = timer; }
You cannot install Group Policy Management Console on computers running Windows 2000 or any previous versions of Windows. These operating systems are not compatible with the extensions used by the Group Policy Management console. Once you install the Group Policy Management console on a computer, you can no longer access the Group Policy tab options discussed in the section entitled Working with the Group Policy Object Editor earlier in this chapter.
DataList1.DataSource = ErrorLoggerModule.ErrorMessages
1 Double-click the group entry in Active Directory Users And Computers. This opens the group s Properties dialog box. 2 On the Members tab, click Add to add accounts to the group. 3 Use the Select Users, Contacts, Computers, Or Groups dialog box to choose users, computers, and groups that should be members of the currently selected group. Click OK. 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary to add additional users, computers, and groups as members. 5 Click OK.
2. Click Start, type perfmon /sys, and then press Enter. Respond to the UAC prompt that appears to open the second Performance Monitor window. Configure the new Performance Monitor window to display the second set of data you want to compare. 3. In either Performance Monitor window, click the Compare menu, click Set Transparency, and then click 70% Transparency. 4. Using the transparent Performance Monitor window, click the Compare menu, and then click Snap To Compare. Performance Monitor displays the two windows on top of each other. Because the top window is partially transparent, you can see the underlying window to compare the data. If you click the window, you will always access the top window. However, you can select either window by clicking the taskbar button. You are free to move either window as well, and you can return to the Compare menu to realign them later.
The Accelerometer doesn t work like this. It doesn t like being bothered by requests from users for values. Instead, our program must ask it to get in touch whenever it has a new reading available. This is just like going for an audition to appear in a Broadway show and being told, Don t call us, we ll call you. In that situation, you will give the producer your phone number; in the case of the XNA accelerometer, we ll create a delegate that refers to the method we want to have called each time the accelerometer has a new reading available. A delegate is a C# object that holds a reference to a method in an object. We have used references to objects for a while. A delegate doesn t just refer to an object, it refers to a method in that object. We must give the accelerometer a delegate so that it knows which method to run when a new reading is ready, just like we give the producer our phone number so that she can call us and tell us that we have the lead role in her musical. We can get Visual Studio 2010 to do a lot of the hard work to create the delegate and the method that it connects to. The first thing we need to do is declare a variable in the game world that will hold the accelerometer we are using:
14. Click OK to close the Copy Picture dialog box.
By default, PowerPoint s spelling checker checks the spelling of the entire
Calls and Datagrams
Note If you skipped 5, "Designing Measure Groups and Measures," open the SSAS Step by Step solution in the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Microsoft Press\as2005sbs\Answers\chap05\SSAS Step by Step folder.
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