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Planning and Installing Windows SharePoint Services
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Value 0 1 2 3 4 Tracing Level Disables tracing Exceptions and restarts Exceptions, restarts, and warnings Exceptions, restarts, warnings, and status messages (Default setting) Verbose mode
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Features
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Send to OneNote On this page, you can specify where OneNote stores content
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Custom Windows Forms Controls
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I/O bottlenecks per I/O.
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Rendering Reports
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After you select the type of storage location, corresponding options appear on the page.
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Figure 9-9 Application settings in the Project Designer
Add Simple Graphic Elements
Starting with Windows 2000, Active Directory uses Kerberos as the default authentication protocol, and NTLM authentication is only maintained for backward compatibility with older clients. Whenever a client running Windows 2000 or later tries to authenticate with Active Directory, the client tries to use Kerberos. Kerberos has a number of advantages over NTLM authentication, including the use of mutual authentication. Mutual authentication in Kerberos allows for two-way authentication, so that not only can a server authenticate a client, but a client can also authenticate a server. Thus, mutual authentication ensures that not only is an authorized client trying to access the network, but also that an authorized server is the one responding to the client request.
The HttpContext class exposes several other interesting properties, such as TimeStamp (the initial DateTime value for the current HTTP request) and AllErrors (the arrays of errors accumulated while processing an HTTP request). Read the MSDN documentaZ tion for more information.
Each grouping level contains a similar expression to eliminate rows that have an empty value for the key for the current level. Put another way, the filter will allow the display of only those rows that have a value in the field used for grouping. Click Cancel to close the dialog box. Save, and then close the solution.
Redeploy and browse a cube
Managing Windows Server 2003 File Systems
Printer pool Print server
also a valid name, because 1 is the member key for Bikes and 3 is the member key for Touring Bikes . Using this syntax uniquely identifies a member, but the member name syntax rules don t require inclusion of all of the parts of a name . However, leaving out a part of a member name may result in ambiguity that Analysis Services may not resolve as intended . For example, the member name [All].[Bikes].[Touring Bikes] is correctly formed but will return no data .
Part II Images, Sound, and Text
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