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Data Type Column and Bytes Name Used
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Part VII
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Dim f2 As CachedFile = CachedFile.Create( c:\tryme.txt )
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Part III
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TOP LOB columns DISTINCT MIN, MAX, COUNT(*), COUNT(<expression>), STDEV, VARIANCE, AVG SUM on a nullable expression A derived table The ROWSET function Another view (you can reference only base tables) UNION Subqueries, OUTER joins, or self-joins Full-text predicates (CONTAINS, FREETEXT) COMPUTE, COMPUTE BY ORDER BY
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Performance Tips
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Part IV
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Using the OPTIMIZE FOR hint instructs the Query Optimizer to use a known common value when generating the plan so that it works for a wide range of parameter values.
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(sc1,sc9)(1,9) (sc2,sc4)(2,4) (sc6,sc7)(6,7) (sc1,sc5)(1,5) (sc4,sc8)(4,8) (sc3,sc9)(3,9) (sc5,sc7)(5,7) (sc2,sc8)(2,8) (sc3,sc6)(3,6)
Win32 Applications
Games and Programming
Check Server Extensions 2002 Recalculate Server Extensions 2002 Web Remove Server Extensions 2002
This never throws an exception, even if index is out of range. If i >= 0 AndAlso i <= UBound(arr) AndAlso arr(i) > 0 Then arr(i) exists and is positive. End If
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Although on the surface the preceding code looks similar to old ASP scripts, these five objects are greatly enhanced in ASP.NET. Let s see how.
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