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Draw QR in .net C# Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security

Figure 10-14 Complex application workload database layout.
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Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Step by Step
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Working with a Finance Measure Group
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Change tracing levels on the Report Server
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There are some useful tabs that you didn t use in this debugging session. For instance, the Watch tab is important because you can enter variables and expressions that you want to follow and monitor during the execution of the application. Another useful tab is the Immediate window, where you can type anything and the compiler verifies, compiles, and executes it on the fly! Any effect on the application under debug is immediate. Any piece of code that can be evaluated by the compiler and does not require a block of code can be entered into the Immediate window. You could enter a loop, for instance. You also have full access to IntelliSense in this window just as if you were in the code editor. Let s look at a simple example.
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4. In cell B18, type D116, press Tab, type 100 in cell C18, and then press Enter.
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The three types of plan types can be created using the sp_create_plan_guide procedure. The general form of the sp_create_plan_guide procedure is as follows:
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Table 11-2
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Display them in a Label control.
X (2 days) Planned X (2 days) X (3 days) Planned
Part III
Part VII: Developing Web Parts in Visual Studio .NET
Dim args3() As Object = {"This is a message", mi.GetParameters(1).DefaultValue }
Excel clears all active filters but leaves the filter arrows in place.
Working with Expressions Abbrev. Title
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out accessed programs, files, and folders and to restore the missing items. Another thing you might want to do is to customize the taskbar so that it works the way you want it to. By default, the taskbar doesn t automatically hide or lock, and it might include items that you don t want.
19 ASP.NET Security
Application compatibility As you prepare for Windows Vista deployment, you will need a plan to investigate and eliminate application compatibility problems in the new operating system.
Note In spite of their names, in ASP.NET both the GetAuthCookie method and the SetAuthCookie method get and set an authentication ticket, regardless of what it means to the application. If the application is configured to do Forms authentication in a cookieless manner, the two methods read and write ticket information from and to the URL of the request. They read and write a cookie if the authentication method is configured to use cookies.
19. Click OK to close the DataItem Collection Editor dialog box. 20. Right-click the SSAS Step by Step project in the Solution Explorer window, and then click Deploy. 21. When deployment is complete, click the Browser tab, and then click the Reconnect button in the Browser toolbar. If necessary, expand the All member in the Calendar hierarchy tree, expand 2001, and then expand 3. Your screen now looks like this:
You can include tasks in a project plan that you might later decide you don t want to have completed, but you also don t want to lose the details about those tasks by deleting them. You might for example develop tasks that pose what-if questions that you can t begin to answer until preliminary questions get answered. Or you could design a project plan that describes a likely-case scenario for completion but also includes more optimistic and pessimistic sets of tasks as well. In Project, you can inactivate a single task or multiple tasks. Inactivating tasks may be preferable to deleting tasks, in that it keeps the task information in the project plan but removes the scheduling effect of those tasks. A task that drives the start of a successor task, for example, remains visible when inactivated, but it has strikethrough formatting
Real World Oracle and SQL Server Interoperability
For most people, every day brings its share of little surprises. An accountant in the Finance department hits a wrong key. A supervisor in Manufacturing deletes a wrong file. A sales representative in Marketing overwrites a critical document version. An engineer in Product Development needs a document from someone who left the company. A forklift driver from Shipping impales the SharePoint server. Oh well. That which does not kill us makes us stronger (Nietzsche). On such occasions, no one was ever sorry to have a backup. This is such a known fact that Windows SharePoint Services provides three ways of making backups and, even better, restoring them. This chapter describes all three. Backup/restore is also the best method of moving sites from one server to another, and for upgrading from SharePoint Team Services v1.0. Therefore, this chapter will address those situations as well.
A SQL Serv er v iew is a virt ual t able. As w it h a t able, y ou can use a v iew in m any way s, but unlik e a t able, a v iew doesn t act ually st ore r ows of dat a. I nst ead, w hat it st or es is a SELECT st at em ent , such as one of t hose cover ed in Chapt er 2. The result set of t he SELECT st at em ent const it ut es t he dat a available t hr ough a v iew . The FROM clause of t he view s SELECT st at em ent can r efer ence ot her v iews as well as base t ables.
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