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when the user logs on. This synchronization is designed to ensure that any changes made to files while the user is offline are saved to the network share and that the most recent versions of files are on the user s computer. If you don t select this option, a quick synchronization is performed when the user logs on. With a quick synchronization, the files are checked to ensure that they exist both on the network share and in the file cache, but the data isn t compared to see if it is current.
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The SQL Server query processor actually takes this concept one step further. When simple queries are compiled and optimized, the query processor attempts to turn these queries into a parameterized query. If the plan is determined to be trivial, the parameterized query is turned into an executable plan. Then, future queries that have the same shape except for constants in well-known locations in the query just run the existing compiled query and avoid going through the Query Optimizer at all. This speeds up applications with small queries on SQL Server signi cantly.
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Dim pp1 As New PrincipalPermission(Nothing, BUILTIN\Administrators ) Dim pp2 As New PrincipalPermission(Nothing, BUILTIN\Power Users ) pp1.Union(pp2).Demand()
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The Label2 object has its own unique set of property settings although the property names are the same as the Label1 object, the values in the property settings are distinct and allow the Label2 object to act independently on the playing field of the form. 9 10 11 Click the Font ellipsis button, set the font style to Bold, and then click OK. Scroll to the ForeColor property in the Properties window, and then click it in the left column. Click the ForeColor drop-down arrow in the right column, and then click a dark purple color on the Custom tab. The text in the Label2 object should now appear bold and in the color purple on the form.
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Failover Clustering Installation and Configuration
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Adding Subscriptions
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If you re using Windows Server 2003, you might need to create the virtual directory manually. To do this, right-click Default Web Site, point to New, and click Virtual Directory. Click Next to move through each page of the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard and type myReportVB in the Alias box and C:\Inetup\wwwroot\myReportVB in the Directory box. Keep the default Access Permissions Read and Run Scripts.
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Standard TCP/IP Options That Administrators Can Configure
ListBox1.DisplayMember = ReverseName
This situation should be pretty rare, since all of your data sources should be secured. However, there may be a circumstance where you have a database that contains general reference information that doesn t require security. If an unattended report using such a database tries to run when Report Server has no credentials to use to connect to the host computer, the execution will fail.
The consistency-checking algorithms for the different parts of the database structure use a variety of fact types and fact contents, but the basic algorithm is the same. The fact types used are
11 Click Next, and then enter the friendly name and help text for this image. Click Next again, and you ll be asked what you want to do with the previous client installation screens. The client installation screens are the .osc files that control what the user sees when first connecting to the RIS server. In most cases, you can leave these files as they are, so select Use The Old Client Installation Screens (as in the screen shown here).
The HtmlSelect control represents a list of options from which you choose one or more. You control the appearance and behavior of the control by setting the Size and Multiple properties. The Size property specifies the number of rows to be displayed by the control, whereas the Multiple property indicates whether more than one item can be selected in the control. Internal items are grouped in the Items collection, and each element is represented by a ListItem object. Interestingly, the ListItem class is not defined in the HtmlControls namespace but lives instead in the WebControls namespace. To specify the text for each selectable item, you can either set the Text property of the ListItem or simply define a series of <option> tags within the opening and closing tags of the <select> element.
When you install disks, you must configure them for use by choosing a partition style and a storage type to use. After you configure drives, you prepare them to store data by partitioning them and creating file systems in the partitions. Partitions are sections of physical drives that
Play sound
together information that describes a particular color and that you can create your own Color variables that contain a specific amount of red, green, and blue. Finally, you have managed to make a program that uses a color variable to set the screen to any color you like. Next you want the light to change color over time, to get a nice soothing mood light effect. This sounds like hard work, and like every great programmer, I really hate hard work, but actually it turns out to be quite easy. To discover how to do this, you have to find how XNA is connected to the game programs that you write. The way this works makes use of C# classes.
Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Network Problems
Using Remote Installation Services
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