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Part IV:
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Network Administrative Model
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Querying Information in a Database
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238 Reference Architecture for Commerce
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The JuneLabor worksheet opens.
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namespace Graphics { class Device { } } namespace Audio { class Device { } }
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Figure 16-7.
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Backup the configuration.
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When Reporting Services is part of your business intelligence (BI) infrastructure, you can easily create actions that execute these reports . While the focus of this book is not Reporting Services, you need to complete several procedures to configure Internet and Reporting Services security and then deploy a Reporting Services report . After the report is deployed, you can create an action that executes the report . The enhanced security environment of Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008) requires that you modify the default Internet Explorer security configuration if you want to deploy a report to the local instance of Reporting Services . You must also add yourself to the Reporting Services Content Manager security role . In the next two procedures, you will make these security modifications . You can learn more about these issues in the document How to: Configure a Report Server for Local Administration on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb630430.aspx) .
Part II:
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Note The actual configuration steps to enable SSL depend on the specific e-mail application software used by your organization. For details on how to enable SSL, review the Help files and documentation provided with the e-mail application.
Use the rs utility to manage Report Server contents. Create a Microsoft Windows application to search and update Report Server contents. Use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes to review and update configuration settings.
Add/start backup DB/log jobs on the new principal database.
XNA will work with keyboards as well as with gamepads. You might be surprised to learn that you can plug a USB keyboard into an Xbox 360 and use it just as you d use the keyboard on the PC. If you want the program to work with the keyboard, you can add code that does this, as shown here:
Available During Yes UNDO After Failure Parallel Redo Yes
Along with de ning a set of events, predicates, actions, and targets, various XE con guration options are scoped at the session level. As with the objects that de ne the basis for XE, a number of views have been added to the metadata repository of SQL Server to support metadata queries about sessions. The sys.server_event_sessions catalog view is the central metadata store for information about XE sessions. The view exposes one row per session de ned on the SQL Server instance. Like traces in SQL Trace, XE sessions can be started and stopped at will. But unlike traces, XE sessions are persistent with regard to service restarts, and so querying the view before and after a restart show the same results unless a session has been explicitly dropped. A session can be con gured to start itself automatically when the SQL Server instance starts; this setting can be seen via the startup_state column of the view. Along with the central sys.server_event_sessions views are a number of other views describing details of how the session was con gured. The sys.server_event_session_events view exposes one row per event bound to each session, and includes a predicate column that contains the de nition of the predicate used to lter the event, if one has been set. There are similar views
All the numeric classes expose the MinValue and MaxValue shared properties, which return the smallest and greatest value that you can express with the corresponding type:
OLTP data. We re using AdventureWorks in this example to illustrate this point.
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