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These errors commonly occur together, and are usually accompanied by an 8929 error, as shown here:
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(Notice that ConnectionString is the only writeable property in the Connection object.) You can make your code more concise by passing the connection string to the Con; nection object s constructor method:
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Now William has no work scheduled (he did previously).
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The Connect To Console option controls whether you are connected to a console session or a virtual session. By default, this option is selected, meaning console mode is used. Clear this option to establish a virtual session with the remote computer. In the Logon Information area, type the user name, password, and domain that you want to use for logon. To save the password, click Save Password. When you are finished setting connection options, click OK. As shown in Figure 30-7, an entry is added below Remote Desktops for the computer. Clicking this entry automatically connects to the remote system. Each configured connection can be selected and switched between without you having to log off each time. Following this, you could switch to a different remote system simply by clicking its entry in the left pane. To disconnect from a remote system, right-click the related entry in the left pane, and select Disconnect.
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3. To create a System DSN using the new SNAC driver, scroll down to the bottom of the list, select SQL Native Client, and click Finish. The first page of the Create a New Data Source to SQL Server Wizard appears, as shown in Figure 9-9. Note
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Getting Touch Input
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7. The Cluster Node Configuration page allows you to choose the nodes on which the SQL Server cluster can run. The node on which you are installing is required. In this walkthrough, the second node (ptc4) has already been selected.
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In most cases, if a property is editable, your code can simply store a value into it. Editable, in this sense, means that Windows SharePoint Services permits direct updates to a field, and that the current user has permission to perform the operation.
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hidRepost = new HtmlInputHidden(); hidRepost.EnableViewState = true; hidRepost.Load += new EventHandler(RepostLoaded); Controls.Add(hidRepost);
Bind the DataGrid control.
Understand the definition of OLAP and the benefits an OLAP tool can add to a data warehouse. Understand how Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 implements OLAP. Understand tools for developing and managing an Analysis Services database.
Clearing a single plan from cache can be done in a couple of different ways. First, you can create a plan guide that exactly matches the SQL text for the cached plan, and then all plans with that text will be removed automatically. SQL Server 2008 provides an easy way of creating a plan guide from plan cache. We look at plan guides in detail later in the chapter. The second method of removing a single plan from cache is new in SQL Server 2008 and uses new options for DBCC FREEPROCCACHE. The syntax is illustrated in the following code:
How can you use this dependency class in a Web application It s as easy as it seems you just use it in any scenario where a CacheDependency object is acceptable. For example, you create an instance of the class in the Page_Load event and pass it to the Cache.Insert method:
Server Interconnect
Any item on the server that includes the string sales in its name is displayed in the ListView control. Notice that the search string is not case-sensitive.
Restores a site to a Optional new location. Excludes subsites during backup. Optional
Updating Picture Libraries
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