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17. If you re using Visual Basic, open the source file for the SavingsAccount class in the code editor. Click the Class Name list. Two new entries appear, (Overrides) and (Base Class Events). Click (Overrides) in the list and then examine the entries in the Method Name list. It s empty. As you add overridable properties and methods to the BankAccount class, they appear in the Method Name list.
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Lesson 1: Managing Remote Desktop Connections
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The SQL Server error log is located under the MSSQL\LOG directory of the particular instance of SQL Server, for example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOG\.
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Transactional Replication
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As your primary workstation operating system
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Your screen looks like this:
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The easiest way to make sure that an OLAP database is completely consistent with the data warehouse and with itself is to process the entire database. When you process the database, you completely discard all the dimensions and cubes within the database and create new ones. This takes place as a single transaction, which means that client applications can continue to use the existing cubes until processing is complete. It also means that if an error occurs at any point during the processing, the entire change is rolled back, again ensuring that the database is internally consistent. Processing the entire database is the simplest, cleanest, and best option, provided that you have sufficient time and storage space available. Although processing a large database can consume a considerable amount of time, users can continue to access the existing database while data is being updated in a new version of the database. As an example, suppose you have an OLAP database that you update every day and that requires 10 hours to fully process. Assuming you have sufficient disk space, you could still choose to process the entire database perhaps by starting the nightly processing after 19:00 or as soon as new data is available. Users would then have access to the updated database by the next morning. You would not have to exclude users from the system or wait for them to leave for the day. Processing a large database can also consume a considerable amount of disk space. The Analysis server not only creates a second copy of all the dimension and cube files created during the transaction, but it also uses additional temporary files to accumulate aggregations, particularly when creating aggregations from a large fact table.
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You can also get a reference to a ProcessInfo object by means of the ProcessMod elInfo.GetHistory method, which lets you access information for up to 100 of the last processes launched. For testing and debugging, you can even replace internal variables with your own values by means of the SetAll method. See the MSDN documentation for additional details. If you re running ASP.NET over IIS 6.0 running in worker process isolation mode, ASP.NET applications honor only the maxWorkerThreads, maxIoThreads, and responseDeadlockInterval attributes. All other values are ignored, and the values spec ified in the IIS MMC snap-in for the application pool to which ASP.NET belongs are used instead. (See Figure 27-10.) The worker process isolation mode is the default set ting for IIS 6, but you can revert to IIS 5 isolation mode for better backward compati bility from the Services tab of the Properties window that you display by right-clicking on the Web Sites folder in the MMC snap-in.
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cookie.Expires = Now.AddDays(14)
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You can review all your subscriptions on the My Subscriptions page. This page also allows you to edit or delete a subscription. However, you can t use this page to create a new subscription. When a subscription executes, Reporting Services logs the status of each subscription on the My Subscriptions page as well as the Subscriptions page of the report. When something goes wrong with a subscription, the status column on the My Subscriptions page or the report s Subscriptions page will indicate that a problem was encountered. In such a case, you need to dig deeper to find the root cause of the problem. Each time that a subscription executes, Reporting Services adds an entry to the trace log file. Check the ReportServerService trace log file when you re troubleshooting a problem with a subscription, because the log entry includes more detailed information about the problem encountered.
Part IV: Creating and Designing Sites Using FrontPage 2003
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Enterprise 133 MHz 733 MHz Datacenter 400 MHz 733 MHz
Note that this (or any other) description of outliers only applies to data that is deemed to be a statistically significant sample of measurements. Without a statistically significant sample, there is no generally acceptable approach to determining the difference between an outlier and a representative measurement. Using this description, results graphs can be used to determine evidence of outliers occasional data points that just don t seem to belong. A reasonable approach to determining if any apparent outliers are truly atypical and infrequent is to re-execute the tests and then compare the results to the first set. If the majority of the measurements are the same, except for the potential outliers, the results are likely to contain genuine outliers that can be disregarded. However, if the results show similar potential outliers, these are probably valid measurements that deserve consideration. After identifying that a dataset appears to contain outliers, the next question is, how many outliers can be dismissed as atypical infrequent observations There is no set number of outliers that can be unilaterally dismissed, but rather a maximum percentage of the total number of observations. Applying the spirit of the two definitions above, a reasonable conclusion would be that up to 1 percent of the total values for a particular measurement that are outside of three standard deviations from the mean are significantly atypical and infrequent enough to be considered outliers. In summary, in practice for commercially driven software development, it is generally acceptable to say that values representing less than 1 percent of all the measurements for a particular item that are at least three standard deviations off the mean are candidates for omission in results analysis if (and only if) identical values are not found in previous or subsequent tests. To express the same concept in a more colloquial way: obviously rare and strange data points that can t immediately be explained, account for a very small part of the results, and are not identical to any results from other tests are probably outliers. A note of caution: identifying a data point as an outlier and excluding it from results summaries does not imply ignoring the data point. Excluded outliers should be tracked in some manner appropriate to the project context in order to determine, as more tests are conducted, if a pattern of concern is identified in what by all indications are outliers for individual tests.
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