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gallery, and click Pinstripes Sidebar. Word inserts the sidebar down the right side of the page.
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In Visual Basic 6 you can simulate a last-in-first-out (LIFO) structure by using an array and an Integer variable that works as the pointer to the current element. Under Visual Basic .NET, you can build a stack structure by simply instantiating a System.Collec tions.Stack object:
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Using Remote Installation Services
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Building Custom Reporting Tools CD-513
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struct Person { ... } ... Dictionary<string, Person> directory = new Dictionary<string, Person>(); Person john = new Person(); directory[ John ] = john; ... Person author = directory[ John ];
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4. On the File tab, click Info, and then click Manage Accounts.
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20. Click Apply to All.
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Just as each SharePoint site collection has its own gallery of list templates, each collection has a gallery of site templates as well. The site template gallery works almost exactly like the list template gallery, except that:
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Part III Advanced Design
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In programming with the .NET Framework, you ll implement interfaces primarily to provide services from your class. You might, in addition, use an interface for a project in the following two situations. Multiple inheritance Classes created in Visual Basic and Visual C# can have only one base class, but they can implement multiple interfaces. Because interfaces behave polymorphically, like base classes, you can use interfaces to simulate multiple inheritance. Suppose you were creating a Backyard class and wanted it to derive from both Lawn and Garden, but Lawn and Garden didn t share a common base class other than System.Object. You could choose to implement an ILawn interface and then implement the ILawn interface in a Lawn class. You then create Garden as a base class. When you create the Backyard class, it inherits from Garden and implements ILawn as you see here: Visual Basic
Production Management
Figure 27-7
Whether you are a user or an administrator of Reporting Services, you can create a standard subscription for a specific report by selecting a delivery method and delivery options. The delivery method that you select determines which delivery options you must supply. For example, if you choose e-mail delivery, you must enter at least one e-mail address. In addition, you can decide whether
Figure 4-6. Clicking the Add New Task link in a Shared Workspace task pane displays this dialog box, which adds a task to the current SharePoint site.
The Mutex class provides yet another synchronization primitive. The Mutex object is a Windows kernel object that can be owned by one thread at a time and is said to be in a signaled state if no thread currently owns it. A thread requests ownership of a Mutex object by means of the Mutex.WaitOne method (which doesn t return until the ownership has been successfully achieved) and releases it by means of the Mutex.ReleaseMutex method. A thread can request ownership of a Mutex object that it owns already without blocking itself, but in that case, it
To add a new item, click the New Item button in the lists s toolbar. To modify an existing item, move the mouse pointer over its name, open the resulting
The type attribute is in the format namespace.classname, assemblyname. If the assem bly is a strong name assembly registered in the GAC, the assembly name includes ver sion, culture, and publisher key, as in this code:
and disk-intensive. If you choose to schedule automatic backups, make sure they run during periods of least usage.
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