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Using Remote Installation Services
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DELETE T1 WHERE T1ID = 'B'; DBCC PAGE('AdventureWorks2008 ', 1, 6709, 1); GO --Partial Results: Slot 4, Offset 0x153, Length 15, DumpStyle BYTE Record Type = GHOST_VERSION_RECORD Record Attributes = VERSIONING_INFO Memory Dump @0x5C0FC153 00000000: 4ef80300 00010000 00210200 000000 N........!.....
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
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You might think that great programmers can type at a thousand words a second, have a mega-sized brain, and are fitted with a socket that lets them connect directly to a computer. This is not true. Especially the socket bit. In my experience, the best programmers are the ones who are the most fun to be with. The ones who you enjoy talking to. The ones who don t get upset when you find a mistake in their programs and who will sometimes agree that your solution is better than the one that they had invented. I d much rather work with someone like that than someone who can write a hundred lines of code a minute but who refuses to speak to me if I dare to suggest that one of those lines might be wrong. Great programmers take care to find out that what they are doing is the right thing. If they are working for a customer, they will make sure that the customer gets what the customer wants. They will not assume that they know the best way to do it and just do it their way. They will make sure that what they produce is tested and comes with helpful documentation. They will work in the team, make coffee when it is their turn, and do whatever it takes to make sure that the project has a happy ending. Of course, they might also fill your office with beach balls, superglue your keyboard to the desk, or cover your chair with aluminum foil, but these are all done with a friendly spirit. I have secured the services of a great programmer who will be adding Programmer s Points to our text. These are truly words of wisdom, so make sure to take note when you see them.
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Working with Controls
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Prepare the SOAP header with account information. Dim accountInfo As New localhost.AccountInfoHeader() accountInfo.UserName = JoeDoe" accountInfo.Password = jdpwd" Pass account information to the proxy class. Dim service As New localhost.SampleService() service.AccountInfoHeaderValue = accountInfo Call the protected Web service method. Dim res As Boolean = service.ProtectedMethod()
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The .NET Configuration tool
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blk designates partition blocks. fs# designates readable file systems.
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call through its own long-distance service, so that you end up within a local distance of the computer you are calling. The phone system itself is actually used only for local calls, so the result is that if, for example, you live in Indianapolis, you can call a network computer in Boston without having to make a direct, long-distance phone connection. THE HUMAN NETWORK So far, we've covered a great deal about machines and operating systems. Now we can put them in perspective by seeing how they are related to the people who use and run them: Let's take a look at the human side of the connection. Computer security is based on the idea that certain information stored in the computer should be made available only to people with a "need to know," and that measures must be taken to prevent unauthorized people from using information that they either cannot, for technical reasons, or should not, for other reasons, have access to. There was a time in the history of computers when there was no such custom of preventing particular users from using particular files. The practice started with the appearance of the first time-sharing computers. Before time-sharing, computers were capable of running only one program at a time, so only one person could use the computer at anyone time. When time-sharing programs made it possible for many people to run many programs at the same time, the operating system suddenly had to keep track of many more people. To make this informational housekeeping easier to do, the operators of those systems assigned each user a unique user name that identified him or her to the computer. When people wanted to use the computer, they would log on by entering their user names; in this way the system was able to tell the difference between one user and another. When people had finished using the computer, they would log off to tell the computer they were done, and make room for another user to log on in their place. This system worked well, but it quickly became necessary to make sure that one user could not modify or erase the files belonging to another user, so the people who designed these first time-sharing systems put a program into the operating system that would allow
3. In the same heading, click anywhere in the word Employee, and then on the Quick
Object-Oriented Programming
Subject Name Issuance Requirements Superseded Templates Extensions
that will be certificate managers.
managing content. Content within an include managed path resides (or at least appears to reside) within a SharePoint content database. In addition:
Allows values of various data types. The data Size varies. Maximum value and data describing that value its base length of 8,016 bytes data type, scale, precision, maximum size, and collation are stored in this column. The following types of values are not allowed with sql_variant text, ntext, image, timestamp, xml, varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), sql_variant, and user-defined data types. Similar to using a temporary table the declara- Varies with table tion includes a column list and data types. Can be definition used to define a local variable or for the return value of a user-defined function. Stores XML data. Size of data. Maximum of 2 GB
Generally, the preconfigured MMC consoles available on a server depend on the services that are installed. As you install additional services, additional tools for administration are installed, and these tools can be both console tools and standard tools. You don t have to rely on service installation for tool availability, however. You can, in fact, install the complete administrative tool set on any computer, including servers, regardless of the services being used. The only requirement is that the computers are running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 or later or Windows Server 2003. Follow these steps to install the complete administrative tool set:
Part IV:
Team members using only a browser can create Document Workspace sites from any SharePoint document library page. This section has mentioned only a few of the ways that Windows SharePoint Services can help team members collaborate. Even this brief introduction, however, makes it clear that SharePoint site and document libraries offer tremendous advantages over traditional file sharing, tag-team e-mail, or (perish the thought) exchanging floppy disks. 17
Creating Components
13. Move the pointer over the column headings (Name, Size, Type, and Date Modified). As the pointer passes over each header, the header changes color to indicate that it is currently selected. 14. Click Size. The eight files are re-sorted in ascending order by file size, as indicated by the up arrow next to Size. 15. Click Size again. The eight files are re-sorted in descending order by file size, and the arrow changes direction to indicate the change of order. 16. Right-click any of the column headings to display this shortcut menu:
Showing a Message Box upon Completion
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