c# gs1-128 Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services in C#

Integration Quick Response Code in C# Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services

Add a size attribute and set it equal to 30. Text1.Attributes.Add( size", 30 )
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Common Windows Controls
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must always be separated by semicolons, even when they are omitted.
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Distribution of Sysprep-based images is dependent upon the capabilities of the disk
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List all the values in DataEntry.
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Renew the lease for one minute. lease.Renew(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1))
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Part II
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Part II: Object-Oriented Programming
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5. Click the Data Sources link, select Credentials Stored Securely In The Report Server, type ReportExecution as the user name and ReportExecution as the password, and then click Apply. You will not be able to add a subscription to a report unless it uses stored credentials. 6. Click the Subscriptions tab.
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You need to use the ScriptManager s methods only if you need to emit script code during an AJAX partial rendering postback operation. An AJAX partial-rendering postback operation is processed by the run time as usual, except for the rendering stage. At this time, the markup is generated and any registered script is emitted. Because during AJAX postbacks the ScriptManager is responsible for the markup rendering, it s the ScriptManager that needs to know about registered scripts to emit. If you stick to using ClientScriptMananager s methods in an AJAX page, you risk the possibility that no script will be emitted during the refresh of an updatable panel. As a result, a portion of your page might display strange behaviors.
The next time the program reaches this statement, it will stop, and XNA Game Studio 2.0 will enter debugging mode. You can then take a look at the values of the variables to see what s going wrong. You did this in 10 as well. You add the breakpoint, and the program stops at that line. When you take a look at the values in the cheese sprite, you find that the X coordinate value is fine but the Y coordinate is 50, which is wrong. The cheese Y coordinate should never get as low as this because the direction of the cheese movement should reverse when it reaches an edge. You take another look at the code responsible for the reversal, and it looks sensible.
int[] scores = new int[4];
Add RequiredFieldValidator controls r
Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Windows Firewall
Notice the Expression button to the right of the Default Value input box. You can click this button to build an expression that calculates the default value rather than use a fixed value. 14 Click the OK button.
Part II: End-User Features and Experience
screen and getting input from the keyboard.
The WMSDE database that Windows SharePoint Services installs by default has no built-in capabilities for backup and restore. Instead, you must choose one of these approaches: Stop your SharePoint Web servers, stop WMSDE, copy the database files, and then restart WMSDE and your SharePoint Web servers. Use the stsadm.exe program described later in this chapter. Investigate third-party backup agents. If you install the client tools for SQL Server 2000 on the same server as WMSDE, the client tools can take backups. However, using the client tools this way requires a full SQL Server 2000 license, so you may as well upgrade to SQL Server. If you want to upgrade from WMSDE to SQL Server, refer to the section titled Upgrading a WMSDE Database to SQL Server later in this chapter.
The C# Class Wizard The C# Class Wizard allows you to specify a base class when you create a new class. In the wizard, click the Base Class tab and click a class in the Base Class list. If the class you want to derive from isn t part of your project, first find the namespace that contains the class in the Namespace list.
Rather than test for an empty value, you may prefer to test for when the current member is at the All level of the hierarchy. The expression [Product].[Product Category] .CurrentMember.Level.Name returns the level name of the current product. For the All level, it will be equal to (All) . Alternatively, the expression [Product].[Product Category] .CurrentMember.Level.Ordinal returns the level number of the current product. For the All level, it will be equal to 0.
The cue is the item that s used by the software to start a sound playing. A single cue can play one or more sounds or pick a sound randomly from a list. For this example, you ll have one sound per cue, and you ll need a cue for each sound that you want to play. Eventually, you should have a screen that looks like that shown in Figure 7-13. Cues can be created by dragging a sound from the sound bank into the Cue area. Duplicate cues or sounds can be deleted by selecting them, pressing the Delete key on the keyboard, and then confirming the operation.
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