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Zone Entries and Their Meanings
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All the permission objects in the .NET Framework expose the Demand method, which forces a stack walk to verify that all callers have that specific permission and throws a security exception if this isn t the case. You can use the Demand method to verify that your code has been granted the permission to access a given resource:
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The first statement saves the address of the current SPWeb object, and the second new statement closes that object. (In between, the existing statement from step 7 points the spwParent variable at a different object: one that represents the current site s parent.
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Why Bother with References
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Approach for Determining Performance Testing Objectives
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Working with Exceptions
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French (France) in the list, and then click OK. [French (France)].
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RIS Answer Files
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17. Add this code for the read-only Balance property: 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. } // Visual C# private decimal m_balance; public decimal Balance { get { return m_balance; Visual Basic Private m_balance As Decimal Public ReadOnly Property Balance() As Decimal Get Return m_balance End Get End Property
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Although the majority of this chapter is concerned with larger and more complex eventing infrastructures, the basics of how SQL Server internally deals with events can be learned more easily through an investigation of triggers and event noti cations; therefore, they are a good place to begin. Triggers come in a couple of basic varieties. Data Manipulation Language (DML) triggers can be de ned to re on operations like inserts and updates, and Data De nition Language (DDL) triggers can be de ned to re on either server-level or database-level actions such as creating a login or dropping a table. DML triggers can re instead of the triggering event, or after the
Va lida t ing t h e D a t a on a W eb Pa ge
The following excerpt shows exactly which GPO and domain controller were being accessed:
Part II
11. Just below the No Color button, click the third square from the left again.
The <Data> element of the RSReportServer.config file looks like this:
Part IV: Creating and Designing Sites Using FrontPage 2003
Games and Programming
Abbrev. Title
Partition ### ------------Partition 1 Partition 2
The Program.cs file contains a second use of the keyword using. This is a bit confusing because I ve just described using, but this is a different use of the same keyword. Previously, you saw that using was a directive to the compiler meaning, Look in here if you want to find out about something. Once you get inside the C# program itself, however, the word has a different meaning: Use this object and then dispose of it when you are finished. It s a way of explicitly telling the run-time system how long you need an object. You ve seen that the garbage collector is continuously searching for objects that it can remove from memory. If you want to speed up this process and make sure that an object is disposed of as soon as the program has finished with it, an object should be used within a block of code following a using statement.
The Properties window appears . Its default location is the lower-right corner of BIDS . 3. In the Properties window, select the NameColumn property . An ellipsis ( ) button appears on the right .
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