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Active Directory replication is a multipart process that involves a source domain controller and a destination domain controller. From a high level, replication works much as shown in Figure 35-3. The step-by-step procedure goes like this:
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On the server, the file is parked into an object of type HttpPostedFile and stays there until explicitly processed for example, saved to disk or to a database. The HttpPostedFile object provides properties and methods to get information on an individual file and to read and save the file. The following code shows how to save a posted file to a particular folder to disk:
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Advanced On this page, you can set a variety of options including those for
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Part 1
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Console.WriteLine( {0} ({1})", sc.ServiceName, sc.DisplayName) Next List services that depend on IISADMIN.
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FIGURE 2-7 The Game1 c ass and ts members.
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Because SELECT st at em ent s can get long and difficult t o r ead w it h t able nam e qualifiers, it is com m on t o use aliases. An alias is an alt er nat ive nam e for a t able t hat y ou specify w it hin your SELECT st at em ent . Use t he alias as a short nicknam e for t he or iginal t able nam e. You can specify y our alias w it hin t he FROM clause im m ediat ely aft er specifying a t able by it s nam e. Howev er, y ou can use an alias anyw her e t hr oughout a SELECT st at em ent , such as in t he SELECT list or t he ORDER BY clause. The follow ing sam ple illust rat es a j oin for t he t it les and t it leaut hor t ables from t he pubs dat abase. The FROM clause designat es t he alias t for t he t it les t able and t a for t he t it leaut hor t able. You can also see t he use of t hese aliases in t he SELECT list and ORDER BY clauses in t his excerpt fr om t he script on t he following page. SELECT ta.au_id, t.title, t.ytd_sales, t.price FROM pubs..titles t JOIN pubs..titleauthor ta ON (t.title_id = ta.title_id) ORDER BY ta.au_id The sam ple also illust rat es t he synt ax for r efer r ing t o a r ow source out side t he curr ent dat abase cont ex t . Recall t hat all t he sam ples t hroughout t his chapt er use t he Nort hw ind dat abase, and t hey r ely on an a USE st at em ent fr om t he second sam ple t o specify t he dat abase connect ion for t he sam ple. The follow ing sam ple
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Special Permissions for Files
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The second execution shows the replacement of the stub with the compiled plan:
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13. Select the name of task 19, Send to color house. 14. On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task.
Finally, you can fill a list control by assigning an ADO.NET object, such as a DataReader, a DataTable, a DataView, or a DataSet object, to the control s DataSource
When the ListView control is used in two-way binding mode, any update operation is conducted through the connected data source control. You define select and save methods on the data source, configure their parameters (either declaratively or programmatically), and delegate to the ListView control all remaining chores.
When adding a large number of rows, you can optimize the performance of your code by using the LoadDataRow method (which takes an array of the values to be assigned) and bracketing your code in the DataTable s BeginLoadData and EndLoadData methods. (These methods temporarily disable and then reenable notifications, index maintenance, and constraints while loading data.) For example, suppose you want to import data into the Employees table from a semicolon-delimited file structured as follows:
I/O Subsystem Planning and RAID Configuration
Your screen now looks like this:
1 2 3 4
Similar security issues might arise when you re working with other databases.
5. Drag the Product dimension from the Metadata pane to the Report pane and drop it on the area labeled Drop Row Fields Here . In the Report pane, point to the Category column header . When you point at the Category column header, a tooltip displays Category (Product By Category), indicating that the column contains the Category level of the Product by
5. Save and then preview the report.
System Design and Architecture
3. Select the Content Manager check box to select this role. 4. Click OK. The Security Properties page of the Home folder is displayed:
Part II:
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