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Mobile Game Development
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Making Mobile Games for Windows Phone 7 with XNA
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Creating and Using Surveys
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Sometimes a word you use might be correctly spelled but just not be the correct word. You can find and change specific text in a presentation by clicking the buttons in the Editing group on the Home tab to do the following:
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C:\> diskpart Microsoft DiskPart version 5.2.3790 Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Microsoft Corporation. On computer: CORPSVR02 DISKPART> list disk Disk ### -------Disk 0 Disk 1 Disk 2 Status ---------Online Online Online Size ------56 GB 29 GB 37 GB Free -----0 B 0 B 9 GB Dyn --* Gpt --*
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The Basics
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Code Signing
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Events of the Control Class
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Templates. Type in the filename CarTracker.mdf and click the Add button. By doing so, you ll create a database and attach the database file (CarTracker. mdf) to your CarTracker project. You will then see a Data Source Configuration
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LISTING 8-1 Common Errors in Writing Subquery Plans
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Any change in any of the monitored objects invalidates the current item. Note that you can set a time to start monitoring for changes. By default, monitoring begins right after the item is stored in the cache. A CacheDependency object can be made dependent on another instance of the same class. In this case, any change detected on the items controlled by the separate object results in a broken dependency and the subsequent invalidation of the present item. In the following code snippet, the item is associated with the timestamp of a file. The net effect is that any change made to the file that affects the timestamp invalidates the item, which will then be removed from the cache.
Declare a constructor
Cross-site scripting (XSS) Denial of service (DoS) Eavesdropping Hidden-field tampering One-click Session hijacking SQL injection
protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { ... // code to move the cheese and update the life counter ... if (lives <= 0) { return; } ... // Code to update the bread position // Code to check for the cheese hitting the tomatoes ... }
1. On the Project tab, in the Reports group, click Reports.
The sam ple in t he preceding sect ion creat ed a fr esh dat a set by calling t he Creat eThreeTierDat aSet procedure t o generat e a new dat a set . For applicat ions in which t he dat a changes slow ly or at regular int ervals, y ou m ay be able t o im pr ov e per form ance by using a pr ev iously saved copy of t he XML docum ent behind a dat a set . Using a prev iously sav ed XML docum ent can reduce t he load on a dat abase serv er and im prove applicat ion responsiv eness. The Sav eThreeTierDasAsXm lDocum ent procedure, descr ibed previously , saves an XML docum ent based on t he sam e t hr ee- t ied dat a st r uct ur e generat ed by t he Creat eThreeTierDat aSet procedure. The file cont aining t he XML docum ent is m y Cust om ersSchem a.x m l, and it s pat h is c: \ SQL Ser ver Dev elopm ent wit h VBDot Net \ Chapt er12. I f y ou updat ed eit her t he docum ent s filenam e or it s pat h for t est ing on y our syst em , you will need t o r ev ise t hem for t he sam ple in t his sect ion as well. The sam ple for t his sect ion r elies on t w o procedur es. The first procedure, RunXPat hQueryFor Sav edThreeTier Xm lDocum ent , processes t he sav ed XML docum ent in m y Cust om ersSchem a.xm l. The second pr ocedur e, MyTagValue, ext ract s t ag values from a st ring cont aining values delim it ed by XML t ags. The st ring v alues passed t o t he MyTagValue procedure ar e t he nodes ret ur ned fr om an XPat h quer y. The RunXPat hQueryFor Sav edThr eeTier Xm lDocum ent procedure st art s by inst ant iat ing an XML docum ent , xdc1, and t hen loading t he previously sav ed m y Cust om ersSchem a.x m l. The pr ocedur e uses an Xm lText Reader t o connect w it h t he XML docum ent in m y Cust om ersSchem a.xm l, nav igat e t o t he r oot node, and load t he dat a fr om t he file int o xdc1.
Bulletin Boards
Another view of the Data View Details task pane appeared in the previous chapter. For details on that view, refer to the section titled Accessing Data Source Details, in 10.
Dim al2 As ArrayList
43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 } } public override void Display() { Console.WriteLine(Name + " is at level " + Level.ToString() + " and has a Console.WriteLine("His address is:"); Console.WriteLine(Address); Console.WriteLine(City + "," + State + " " + ZIP); Console.WriteLine(Country); { public int Level; public int Salary; public class Employee : Person } } Console.WriteLine("Customer ID: " + ID.ToString()); Console.WriteLine(Name + partnerMessage); Console.WriteLine(Address); Console.WriteLine(City + "," + State + " " + ZIP); Console.WriteLine(Country);
Import Package Dependency Checking Options
Dim mysponsor As New ClientSponsor(New TimeSpan(0, 0, 30)
The Provider attribute, which specifies the name of the underlying OLE DB Pro; vider used to connect to the data. The only values that Microsoft guarantees as valid are SQLOLEDB (the OLE DB provider for Microsoft SQL Server), Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 (the OLE DB provider for Microsoft Access), and MSDAORA (the OLE DB provider for Oracle). The Data Source attribute, which specifies where the database is. It can be the path to an Access database or the name of the machine on which the SQL Server or the Oracle database is located.
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