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Dim dblArr() As Double
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Design Considerations for Active Directory Replication
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Select Configure Your Server Wizard on the Administrative Tools menu. When the wizard starts, click Next twice. The server s current roles are shown. Select WINS Server, and then click Next twice. The wizard will then install WINS. When the installation ends, click Finish.
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Logically, since all the values in the sales forecast cube will be hand-entered by you, the cube should not require a fact table. As you ll soon learn, that s because when you write values back to a cube, they re not stored in the fact table. Physically, however, you cannot create a measure group in a cube without a fact table. If for no other reason, the columns of the fact table determine the potential dimensions and measures for the cube. You can add an empty fact table to a data source view by using a Named Query. The fact table is purely a logical object and will remain completely empty. You must have a fact table to create a measure group, but nobody said the fact table had to contain facts. In this procedure, you ll create a measure group from an empty fact table. Create a unit forecast measure group 1. In Solution Explorer, double-click SSAS Step by Step DW.dsv, right-click the background of the Data Source View Diagram pane, and then click New Named Query. 2. Type a name for the named query, Units Forecast, and then type the following query in the SQL Pane of the Query Definition box:
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Provide complete encapsulation by implementing separate Add and Remove methods. The Add method takes a method as a parameter and adds it to the delegate, while the Remove method removes the speci ed method from the delegate (notice that you specify a method as a parameter by using a delegate type):
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You can use this class to get some of the installation settings and some of the parameters stored in the RSWebApplication .config file. You can write to only one of these properties, URLToReportServer, which is the URL used to access the virtual directory for Report Server. No methods are included in this class.
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Global and Local Resources
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Inside Out
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Double-click the button object on the form, and then type the following program statement between the Private Sub and End Sub statements in the Button1_Click event procedure:
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Delegates play a central role in the .NET architecture. For example, .NET events are inter nally implemented through delegates, as are asynchronous operations and many other features of the .NET base classes. Even if you aren t going to use these .NET Framework features in your applications, delegates can be useful in themselves because they let you implement programming techniques that would be otherwise impossible.
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Using the Recursive Keyword
Developing Basic Reports
Dim tcpCli As TcpClient = tcpList.AcceptTcpClient()
7. In the Period box, click Months in the drop-down list.
Installing SQL Server 2005 Using the Command Prompt
Figure 11-19. Save the current view of the console tool to the Favorites menu.
Comprehensive Performance Analysis and Logging there is less than 4 megabytes (MB) of memory free, and in this case, the system might page excessively to disk and try to borrow memory from running processes to keep up with resource demands. If the system is very low on memory, it could also point to a possible memory leak.
Close Visual Studio.
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