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(Continuing previous example.) Dim pp2 As New PrincipalPermission( MyMachine\JoeDoe", Nothing) pp2.Demand()
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t o insert t he new r elat ionship inst ant iat ed in t he preceding line int o t he Dat aRelat ionCollect ion obj ect wit hin t he das1 dat a set . The Form 5_Load ev ent procedur e st art s by inv ok ing t he Populat e and Relat eProduct sToCat egories pr ocedur es. These st eps proper ly populat e and configur e t he dat a set for For m 5. The ev ent pr ocedur e next binds t he com bo box t o t he Cat egor ies t able and set s t he posit ion t o t he first r ow in t he Cat egor ies t able. The pr ocedur e uses a Dat aView obj ect w it h a filt er based on t he index for t he com bo box . To im plem ent t his, t he procedure declares and inst ant iat es t he dav1 Dat aView obj ect based on t he Product s Dat aTable obj ect . Next it defines a st ring w it h t he filt er expression. The expr ession designat es all rows from t he Product s Dat aTable t hat corr espond t o t he index for t he curr ent ly select ed it em in t he com bo box . Ther e is an offset of 1 bet ween t he index for a com bo box and t he Cat egory I D values for which t he filt er expr ession account s. By assigning t he expression in t he st r ing variable ( st rFilt er ) t o t he RowFilt er pr opert y of dav1, t he procedur e populat es t he dav1 Dat aView obj ect wit h t he r ows m at ching t he cat egory nam e show ing in t he com bo box . The ev ent pr ocedur e concludes by assigning t he dav1 Dat aView obj ect t o t he Dat aSource propert y of t he dat a grid. Modulelevel declaration of data set,dataview, and datarelation objects. Dim das1 As DataSet Dim dav1 As DataView Dim rel1 As DataRelation Sub Populate() Specify a connection for a data adapter that fills the data set used on the form. Dim cnn1 As SqlConnection = _ New SqlConnection _ ( Data Source=(local); & _ Integrated Security=SSPI; & _ Initial Catalog=northwind ) Specify an extract from the Categories table as the source for a command that supplies a data adapter which serves as the source for the data set on the form. Dim cmd1 As SqlCommand = _ New SqlCommand _ ( SELECT CategoryID, CategoryName, Description & _ FROM Categories", _ cnn1) Dim dap1 As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter() dap1.SelectCommand = cmd1 cnn1.Open() Fill the data set (das1) with the data adapter dap1; the Fill method populates the data set with a datatable named Categories -- notice that the datatable Categories isn t the same as the Categories table in the Northwind database. das1 = New DataSet() dap1.Fill(das1, Categories ) Re-specify the SQL string for the command and the data adapter to extract columns from the Products table. cmd1.CommandText = SELECT CategoryID, ProductID, & _ ProductName, UnitsInStock, Discontinued & _ FROM Products" dap1.SelectCommand = cmd1
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Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions
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Integrating CSS Styles with FrontPage
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Setting Service Properties
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A DataList control in edit mode
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Change Tracking, Tracing, and Extended Events
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These two variables point to the same String object.
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By default, the replication partner is configured to use both push and pull replication as well as persistent connections. Once you configure a replication partner, the configuration is permanent. If you restart a server, you do not need to reconfigure replication partners. To view or change the replication settings for a replication partner, start the WINS console. Expand the server entry for the server you want to work with, and then select the Replication Partners entry in the left pane. Double-click the replication partner in the details pane. This displays the replication partner s Properties dialog box. Click the Advanced tab, as shown in Figure 28-4.
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Deploying Certificates
cmd.Parameters.Add( @p1", 0736 )
Database State (DB_STATE_OPTION)
Lesson 2: Verifying Windows Vista Hardware Requirements
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click Save.
Abbrev. Title
Figure 15-22. This page enables and disables rights for an entire virtual server. Team members must also have rights in individual sites.
In author mode, consoles have additional options that help you design the
This code stops the game when the Escape key is pressed.
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