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If you select the Find Whole Words Only check box, PowerPoint does not match this instance of department.
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t's Sunday night, and I'm in my room, deep into a hack. My eyes are on the monitor, and my hands are on the keyboard, but my mind is really on the operating system of a superminicomputer a thousand miles away - a supermini with an operating system that does a good job of tracking users, and that will show my activities in its user logs, unless I can outwit it in the few hours before the Monday-morning staff arrives for work. The only light in the room comes from the green screen of my computer monitor and the small red lights on my modem. I turn and check the clock: 3:00 a.m. "Good," I think. "Three hours before I have to leave for school. Too bad I didn't have time to do any homework." Thoughts of school evaporate, and I return to my computer with the enthusiasm of a Super Bowl football player. Eighteen hours ago, I managed to hack a password for this PDP 11/44. Now, I have only an hour or so left to alter the user logs. If I don't, the logs will lead the system operators to my secret account, and
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this.Height = 15; 15. Override the OnSizeChanged method to set the Height property of the Track control to 15 pixels and to constrain the width of the control to a multiple of the value assigned to BarSpacing. The height of the control corresponds to the width of the track and the width corresponds to the length of the track. You can type in the code that follows or use the shortcuts provided by Visual Studio. In Visual Basic, click Overrides for the Track class in the Class Name list and OnSizeChanged in the Method Name list. In Visual C#, use the Class View to browse to the Control base class, right-click OnSizeChanged, point to Add, and then click Override. The inheritance tree for the Track class is an amazing eight levels deep. To find the OnSizeChanged method, keep opening the Bases and Interfaces nodes until you reach the Control base class. There you will find the OnSizeChanged method. The code added to this method, which depends on integer division, is shown here: 16. Visual Basic 17. Protected Overrides Sub OnSizeChanged(ByVal e As System.Ev entArgs) 18. 19. 20. 21. 23. 24. // Visual C# 25. protected override void OnSizeChanged(System.EventArgs e) { 26. this.Height = TrackHeight; Me.Height = TrackHeight Width must be divisible by BarSpacing Dim nBars As Integer = Me.Width \ BarSpacing Me.Width = nBars * BarSpacing
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that take up space and slow down all queries. By adding this foreign key constraint, the RDBMS would ensure that all rows in the OrderDetail table that reference this product have been deleted before the product row could be deleted in the Product table.
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Level 2 support staff include more specialized personnel that can diagnose a particular
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CA administrator. Responsible for account administration, key generation of the certification authority (CA) certificate s key pair, and auditing configuration. Certificate manager. Responsible for certificate management. Management functions include issuing and revoking certificates.
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If you look closely at the Included Paths section of Figure 5-1, you ll see that the sites and depts folders are both managed paths, even though they reside within the root path (which is always included). Windows SharePoint Services would manage these paths anyway, but declaring them as managed paths makes it possible to create top-level sites there. 143
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Oftentimes when you are dealing with relational databases, data integrity issues will be a problem, especially when you are in a prototyping stage of development or when you are building a cube from a source that is not a standard data warehouse. In these situations, it s possible that a record referencing a new dimension record is loaded into a fact table prior to the addition of the new dimension record to the dimension table. Or perhaps the cube is processed before the dimension is processed. You ll learn more about the challenges of managing new data in fact and dimension tables in 12, Managing Partitions and Database Processing. Normally, if you try to process a cube from a fact table that contains a dimension key that is not yet found in the dimension, the processing operation will fail. However, when you are building a prototype or when your solution requires near real-time information, you may want to ignore this type of error and allow processing to continue. By enabling the UnknownMember property of a dimension and by setting the value of the KeyErrorAction property of a cube to ConvertToUnknown, you can avoid processing errors when a fact table contains a missing or invalid key for that dimension. The aggregated values of each measure in the cube will consequently always equal the corresponding aggregated values in the fact table as a result. The UnknownMember property has three possible values: Visible, Hidden, and None. The default setting for the UnknownMember property is Visible, so you ll notice a member named Unknown in each attribute hierarchy of a new dimension, even though you don t have a record with that name in your dimension table. If you prefer a different name for this member, set the value of the UnknownMemberName property.
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Working with Isolated Storage Security
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Part I The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
Part II:
Part VI:
Sharing Digital Photos
Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
Figure 20-41 The Replication Monitor Tracer Tokens window.
runas /user:MachineName\User Program. This is useful if you are working with a com-
In a server farm, you must configure usage analysis to run on each front-end Web
Moving Sprites
To complete the practices in this chapter, you must have a wireless access point and a Windows Vista computer with a wireless network adapter. To complete Practice 2 in Lesson 2, Advanced Wireless Configuration and Troubleshooting, you must also have configured your Windows Server 2003 domain controller as an enterprise certification authority (CA). For detailed instructions, see Practice 3 of Lesson 1, Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Security, in 5, Protecting Internet Explorer and Other Applications.
What Is .NET What Is C# Is C# an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language What Is Visual C# 2005 Express Edition What Kinds of Applications Can You Build with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition What Are the Key Features You Need to Know About
FileInfo Classes (continued)
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