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Part II:
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Click the Layout tab, click the table, and then click the table1_Category header to select the entire row so that the table looks like this:
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The final game idea in this chapter is really silly, but it can be great fun. The first thing you need to do is find a large, smooth table. Put a couple of books under the legs at one end so that the table is not horizontal anymore but sloping. If you put a wireless Xbox gamepad at the top of the table and make the gamepad vibrate, it will slide down the table toward the other end. You may need to experiment with the angle, but I ve found that with care you can arrange things so that a gamepad will take around 30 seconds to slide all the way down the table with vibration at full power. If you line up four gamepads on the top of the table, players can pick the one they think will win, and then you can race them down the slope. The code for this game is very simple indeed; the Update method just turns on all the vibration motors in the gamepads:
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Most of the time the installation or setup problem is caused by a compatibility issue with the Windows operating system, and that problem can be fixed by making changes to BIOS settings. Sometimes, however, the problem is the BIOS, and you ll find that you must upgrade the BIOS to resolve the problem. One problem in particular has to do with Advanced Con-
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The following graphic shows the user interface:
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180. cards[0].Click = new System.EventHandler(this.CardOver); 181. cards[1].Click = new System.EventHandler(this.CardOver); 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. } Build the solution 1. On the Build menu, click Rebuild Solution. 2. Refresh the GamesLibrary reference in the Memory project. Expand References under Memory in the Solution Explorer, right-click GamesLibrary and click Remove on the shortcut menu. 3. Right -click References and click Add Reference on the shortcut menu. Click Browse on the .NET tab, select the GamesLibrary.dll in the GamesLibrary\obj\ debug folder and click Open. Click OK to close the Add Reference dialog box. The LotsOfFun.Games library is now complete. You can now finish the programming for the Memory game. } } } else { cards[0].FaceUp = false; cards[1].FaceUp = false; this.Refresh();
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Verify parameter types, both for prepared queries and autoparameterization With prepared queries, you actually specify the parameter data type, so it s easier to make sure you are always using the same type. When SQL Server parameterizes, it makes its own decisions as to data type. If you look at the parameterized form of your queries of type Prepared, you see the data type that SQL Server assumed. We saw earlier in the chapter that a value of 12345 is assumed to be a different data type than 12, and two queries that are identical except for these speci c values are never able to share the same autoparameterized plan. If the parameter passed is numeric, SQL Server determines the data type based on the precision and scale. A value of 8.4 has a data type of numeric (2, 1), and 8.44 has a data type of numeric (3, 2). For varchar data type, server side parameterization is not so dependent on the length of the actual value. Take a look at these two queries in the Northwind2 database:
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Investigate End-User Requirements
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By completing Part 2, Authoring Reports, you learned not only the basics of authoring reports, but also advanced techniques that you can use to produce a wide variety of useful reports for your organization. The three chapters of Part 3 provide you with the skills to properly manage and secure the reports you create as well as perform administrative tasks on the Report Server. These activities are all part of the managing stage of the reporting life cycle. In this chapter, you learn how to manage the content on the Report Server. You start by publishing several reports. Then you reorganize content on the Report Server by adding folders, moving content into the new folders, and creating linked reports. You also work with report properties to control both how reports interact with data sources to retrieve data and how reports are processed and rendered. Your ability to publish and manage reports is determined by the permissions assigned to you. This chapter assumes that you are a local system administrator on the Report Server, which allows you to perform all the tasks described here. Specific information about how to use security permissions to limit a user s actions on the Report Server is discussed in 9, Managing Security.
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Most digital video disc (DVD) movies come complete with software that you install on your computer so that you can watch the DVD and use any included interactive content, such as Web links and video games. With Windows Media Player, you can centralize all your media files in one program and play DVDs as easily as you play CDs.
W ho s Using Your Applica t ion
The largest CSS file in a theme suitable for Windows SharePoint Services is usually about 30 KB in size. If you encounter a theme with a largest CSS file that s much less than 30 KB, it s probably not suitable for use on SharePoint sites.
In Native mode, Windows Server 2003 groups have nesting limitations that are dependent on the group scope. Limitations for nesting are listed in Table 37-5.
Figure 10-7.
In this procedure, you add a table to the design grid.
Remember to speak in a normal tone of voice so that the Speech Recognition Engine can accurately profile your specific speech pattern. This process takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on how fast you speak. As you work through the training session, you will learn more about the way the Speech Recognition Engine works. As you read the sample text aloud, the Voice Training Wizard highlights the words it recognizes. If it doesn't hear the word it is expecting, it stops highlighting and returns to the last recognized pause. You should then stop reading and return to the beginning of the unrecognized text. When you successfully finish reading each page of sample text, the Voice Training Wizard moves to the next page. 15. When you finish with the first training session, Introduction to Microsoft Speech Recognition, click Finish to return to the Speech Recognition dialog box. Your new profile is now selected in the Recognition Profiles area. 16. Click OK to close the dialog box. The Language bar opens, making the dictation options available. 17. Click the Folders button, browse to the SBS\WindowsXP\Personalizing\SpeechToText folder, and open the Buzzy Bee document. 18. If the Dictation and Voice Command options are not visible on the Language bar, click Microphone to display them. The first time you use the microphone from within Office, the Office Voice Training Wizard opens and leads you through a voice training session that is similar to the one you have already completed. 19. On the Language bar, click Dictation. The Speech Message changes to reflect first that Dictation is on and then that it is listening to you. 20. Position the insertion point at the end of the Buzzy Bee document. 21. Read the story paragraph aloud, including the punctuation. Say comma, period, semicolon, quote, and so on for the punctuation marks. At the end of the paragraph, say new paragraph. As you read, a highlighted series of dots appears, like an expanding ellipsis. As the Speech Recognition Engine completes its deliberations, it translates each dot into a word. Don't expect your first attempt at speech translation to come out perfectly- it generally requires at least three training sessions to come up with something that is intelligible. 22. On the Language bar, click Tools, and then click Training. 23. Walk through another training session. When you complete the training session, reread the story paragraph.
Figure 4-16 Intellisense for the Graphics Device manager
Button1.OnClientClick = "ShowMessage()"; Button1.Attributes["onclick"] = "ShowMessage()";
4. Point to the word celebrated, click the arrow that appears to its right, and then
If you ve opened a transaction on the connection, you must enlist the command in the transaction by assigning the Transaction object to the property with the same name or you must pass this object to the Command s constructor:
Sample Code: Adding Tomatoes The sample project in the 05 Adding Tomatoes directory in the resources for this chapter draws 20 tomatoes along the top of the screen.
GRANT. Lock was granted to process. WAIT. Process is being blocked by another process. CNVT. Lock is being converted to another type of lock.
Building Advanced Reports
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