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A few methods in the Regex class can be useful for getting information about the groups that the parser finds in the regular expression. The GetGroupNames method returns an array with the names of all groups; the GroupNameFromNumber returns the name of the group with a given index; and the GroupNumberFromName returns the index of a group with a given name. See the MSDN documentation for more information.
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Rule out processor affinity as an issue on multiprocessor systems On multiprocessor systems, you might need to rule out processor affinity as a cause of a processor bottleneck. By using processor affinity, you can set a program or process to use a specific processor to improve its performance. Assigning processor affinity can, however, block access to the processor for other programs and processes.
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Open the Data Flow for this task to see how many rows were transferred. Open the Progress tab to view warning or error messages as well as status information on completed tasks or tasks in progress. Open other debugging windows. Choose Output on the View menu or point to Windows on the Debug menu and then choose one of the following windows: Breakpoints, Watch, Locals, Call Stack, or Threads. Multiple debug windows can be open simultaneously.
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Retrieve all the root paths.@ Dim strRoots() As String = Directory.GetLogicalDrives@ For Each s As String In strRoots@ Console.WriteLine(s) => C:\ D:\ Next
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TRUNCATE TABLE sp_tablepages; INSERT sp_tablepages EXEC ('DBCC IND (IndexInternals, Employee, 1)'); GO SELECT IndexLevel , PageFID , PagePID , PrevPageFID , PrevPagePID , NextPageFID , NextPagePID FROM sp_tablepages ORDER BY IndexLevel DESC, PrevPagePID; GO
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Advanced Topics
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if (oldpad1.Buttons.A == ButtonState.Released && pad1.Buttons.A == ButtonState.Pressed && scores[0] == 0) { scores[0] = timer; }
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To display the User Information page for any listed user, click the name in the User
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Improving the Custom Control
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You have the option to install Reporting Services using a setup wizard or by running a commandline executable. Setup can be launched from a CD, a local folder, or a file share that is specified using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format. If you use the wizard, you select options on each page of the wizard to set property values for the installation. If you use the commandline executable, you can use command-line arguments or a template file to set property values. You must perform the installation locally, although you can choose which components to install if you re distributing components across several computers. When using the setup wizard to install Reporting Services, you progress through a series of pages that are dependent on features you selected to install. If you install all components, you ll need to specify credentials for the ReportServer Windows service. When the setup wizard has finished with the installation, you ll need to use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to complete the installation.
SQL Server can lock data using several different modes. For example, read operations acquire shared locks, and write operations acquire exclusive locks. Update locks are acquired during the initial portion of an update operation, while SQL Server is searching for the data
If the program reaches the break instruction, the program abandons the loop and continues running at the statement after the loop.
10 Interacting with a Cube
We all make mistakes while typing text in a presentation. To help you ensure that these mistakes don t go uncorrected, PowerPoint uses the AutoCorrect feature to catch and automatically correct many common capitalization and spelling errors. For example, if you type teh instead of the or WHen instead of When, AutoCorrect immediately corrects the entry.
The contour indicator matches the type of contour applied back-loaded in this case.
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