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Database Applications
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Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
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Make sure you re storing the right-sized data in the right way. Jim Gray (et al.) published a research paper a couple of years ago called To BLOB or Not To BLOB: Large Object Storage in a Database or a Filesystem To summarize the ndings, large object data smaller than 256 KB should be stored in a database, and data that is 1 MB or larger should be stored in the le system. For data between these two values, the answer depends on other factors and you should test your application thoroughly. The key point here is that you won t get good performance if you store lots of relatively small large objects using FILESTREAM. Use an appropriate RAID level for the NTFS volume that hosts the FILESTREAM data container. For example, don't use RAID-5 for a write-intensive workload. Use an appropriate disk technology. SCSI is usually faster than SATA/IDE because SCSI drives usually have higher rotational speeds, so they have lower latency and seek times. However, SCSI drives are also more expensive. Whichever disk technology you choose, if it is SATA, ensure that it supports NCQ, and if SCSI, ensure that it supports CTQ. Both of these allow the drives to process multiple, interleaved I/Os concurrently. Separate the data containers from each other, and separate the containers from other database data and log les. This avoids contention for the disk heads. Defragment the NTFS volume if needed before setting up FILESTREAM, and defragment periodically to maintain good scan performance. Turn off 8.3 name generation on the NTFS volume using the command-line fsutil utility. This is an order-N algorithm that has to check that the new name generated doesn't collide with any existing names in the directory. Note, however, that this slows insert and update performance down a lot. Turn off tracking of last access time using fsutil. Set the NTFS cluster size appropriately. For larger objects greater than 1 MB in size, use a cluster size of 64 KB to help reduce fragmentation.
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Plan Cache Metadata
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As with the ICF templates, you can find two templates in SQL Server Books Online to help you build an ADF more rapidly. Locate the topics Minimal
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Customizing OneNote
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Internet Applications
<asp:CustomValidator ID="CustomValidator1" runat="server" Text="*" ControlToValidate="Keyword" ClientValidationFunction="ensureValidKeywords" OnServerValidate="EnsureValidKeywords" />
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The last step of the physical phase is to apply the decisions made about constraints, requirements, and technology use to the logical design, and to actually define the physical implementation. During this phase, the programming model, component interfaces, and internal structure of each component are chosen.
If you already have some programming experience, you ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it s even easier to program using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.
Part I:
Physically, a SharePoint package is a single file that contains any number of logical files in compressed format. In this respect, a package is somewhat like a ZIP or Windows CAB file. Packages have two characteristics that ordinary templates lack:
Windows Vista includes Windows Installer 4.0, a new version of the application installation infrastructure that is not available for earlier versions of Windows. One of the most significant improvements in Windows Installer 4.0 is Restart Manager. Installation routines can communicate with Restart Manager to indicate which files need to be updated. Restart Manager then coordinates updating the files while minimizing the impact on the user. The need to update a file that is already in use is one of the most common reasons a user is required to restart a computer. Restart Manager strives to reduce this requirement by closing and restarting programs and services that have files in use. Although some installations will always require the computer to be restarted (especially if they need to upgrade system files that are in use), Restart Manager should minimize this requirement. In Windows Vista all installers must take advantage of the Restart Manager for the program to receive Certified for Windows Vista status. To diagnose a problem with Restart Manager, open Event Viewer and view the following event logs:
Note XACT builds different output files from the project depending on whether you re creating sounds for the PC or the Xbox. To change between these, choose View Xbox 360 Properties or View PC Properties from the View menu. Then, when you build the project, the correct files are created. Once you have built the project, you should choose Save Project from the File menu to save the updated XACT project.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
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