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Displaying and Editing Data by Using Data Binding
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Framework System, Sytem.IO, System.Xml, and System.Web.Services that are not declared in the script.
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When end-to-end performance testing reveals system or application characteristics that are deemed unacceptable, many teams shift their focus from performance testing to performance tuning, to discover what is necessary to make the application perform acceptably. A team may also shift its focus to tuning when performance criteria have been met but the team wants to reduce the amount of resources being used in order to increase platform headroom, decrease the volume of hardware needed, and/or further improve system performance.
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single Field List are applied to both the table and the chart . Or you can skip creating PivotTable or PivotChart dynamic views and only create the ODC file . The dialog box also lets you select where the data will be placed in the Excel workbook . By default, a PivotTable chart will be created in cell A1 . In the Import Data dialog box, click OK . A PivotTable report is added to the Sheet1 worksheet and the PivotTable Field List appears, by default, on the right side of the Excel window . The Fields section of the PivotTable Field List displays the measures and calculated measures, KPIs, and dimensions contained in the Analysis Services cube . Below the Fields section, the Layout section of the PivotTable Field List shows which measures and calculated measures are being displayed and which hierarchies have been placed on the rows, columns, and filter axes of the report .
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In Visual Studio, before creating a cube, you must first create an Analysis Services project in which to store it. An Analysis Services project can contain more than one cube, but a cube cannot exist outside a project. When you deploy the project, a database that corresponds to the project is created on the Analysis Server. In this procedure, you ll create an Analysis Services project named My First Cube to store your first cube. Start a new Analysis Services project 1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project. The New Project dialog box displays the available designers for the Business Intelligence project types. If you have Visual Studio installed on your computer, you can also use other Visual Studio designers to add other projects to the same solution if you need to integrate your BI project with a custom application. 2. Ensure that the Project Type is set to Business Intelligence Projects, and then click the Analysis Services Project template. 3. Type a name for the project: My First Cube.
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Allow DHCP administrators to configure options that are assigned to all clients of a particular class. Client classes can be user- or vendor-defined. Two classes included with DHCP Server are Windows 98, which is used to assign specific options to clients running Windows 98, and Windows 2000, which is used to assign specific options to clients running Windows 2000 or later. Class options can be overridden by client-assigned options. You define new user and vendor classes by rightclicking the server entry and selecting either Define User Classes or Define Vendor Classes as appropriate. Once defined, class options can be configured in the Advanced tab of the Server Options, Scope Options, and Reservation Options dialog boxes. Allow administrators to set options for an individual client that uses a reservation. Also referred to as client-specific options. After you create a reservation for a client, you can configure reservation options by expanding the scope, expanding Reservations, right-clicking the reservation, and selecting Configure Options. Only TCP/IP options manually configured on a client can override clientassigned options.
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The @Master directive supports quite a few attributes. For the most part, though, they are the same attributes that we reviewed in 5, Anatomy of an ASP.NET Page, for the @Page directive. Table 8-1 details the attributes that have a special meaning to master pages.
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If the user profile has one or more addresses, the address information is added to the shopping basket (the last address specified is the default shipping address), and rendered as XML:
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Note IIS is not required for the installation of an offline root CA. The only certificate requests submitted to the root CA are for subordinate CA cer tificates, and these can be submitted by using the Cer tification Authority console.
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Part VII
In Report Manager, open a report that was opened earlier in the same browser session, and then click the Refresh button in the Report toolbar (not the browser toolbar). In the Search For box in the top right corner of Report Manager, type the full or partial report name or description, and then click the Go button. With My Reports enabled in Site Settings, open the General Properties page of a report, and click the Create Linked Report button. Assign the report to the My Reports location. Use the Parameters Properties page of the linked report to change the default values as desired. Ensure the report uses a data source with stored credentials, and then click the History tab of the report and click the New Snapshot button. With the report open in Report Manager, click a format in the Export list box and then click the Export link. Click the Save button, select a download location for the file, and type a name. With the report open in Report Manager, click a format in the Export list box and then click the Export link. Click the Open button, and then use the viewer s print feature to select a printer and change print options.
See 12 Modeling Application Usage for more information on defining concurrent users.
Me.mnuFileNew.Shortcut = Shortcut.CtrlN
File Sharing and Security Tables 21-3 and 21-4 show how special permissions are combined to make the basic permissions for files and folders. Because special permissions are combined to make the basic permissions, they are also referred to as atomic permissions.
Authoring Reports
In this procedure, you ll create a Category user hierarchy from the Category, Subcategory, and Product attributes, and a Color-Size user hierarchy from the Color and Size attributes. Add user hierarchies to a dimension 1. In Solution Explorer, double-click Product.dim to open the Dimension Designer. 2. Drag Category from the Attributes pane to the Hierarchies and Levels pane. A single-level hierarchy is created based on the Category attribute, but this is not a very useful hierarchy right now. A user hierarchy should have two levels at a minimum; otherwise it is really just an attribute, not a hierarchy. 3. Drag Subcategory from the Attributes pane and drop it below Category in the area labeled <New Level>. 4. Repeat the previous step to add Product beneath Subcategory.
containing mathematical constants. The Math.PI eld contains the value 3.14159265358979323846, which is an approximation of the value of pi.
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