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Figure 37-9.
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Part 4
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Establishing a PKI
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Figure 8-16 SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor Start window.
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an answer that s incorrect. The only way to solve this problem is to change the data type you re using to hold all the values. Rather than using the integer values that are stored in the jakeRect, you need to create floating-point variables and use them instead. Floating-point values have a fractional part, meaning that they are better for representing a smooth transition from one coordinate to another. Here are the updated variable declarations:
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SPVirtualServerState Values
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Dictionary class provides an indexer that allows you to access items by using array notation. It is de ned like this:
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Column Name
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The system quickly responds . ...
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Dim colMatrix As New ColorMatrix(values)
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A matrix data region can be compared to a PivotTable or crosstab-style report, because the number of rows as well as the number of columns adapt dynamically. The number or rows or columns can change as the results of the query change or as selections are made in the report to focus attention on certain data. Like a table, the detail rows of a matrix come from the report s dataset. However, a table has the same number of columns every time the report is executed. The number of columns in a matrix, by contrast, can increase or decrease depending on the query results.
In the preceding example, you saw how the host application can explicitly create an object and make it available to remote clients by means of the RemotingServices.Mar shal method. Although this technique has its merits and can be quite useful in some cases (as I explain in the section Publishing a Singleton Server-Activated Object, later in this chapter), usually you want to register the class with the remoting infrastructure so that an instance of the object (Calculator in this case) is automatically instantiated when a request from a remote client arrives. The host application registers a type for being accessed remotely by calling one of the Registerxxxx shared methods of the RemotingConfiguration class. The exact method to be called depends on whether you want to expose the object as a server-activated object or a client-activated object. In addition, the .NET remoting architecture supports declarative registration by means of configuration files, which let you change all registration settings by simply modify ing the .config file associated with the client and the host application. I ll cover regis tration through configuration files in the section Registration through Configuration Files, later in this chapter.
For each task and assignment, Project now displays the Work and Actual Work rows on the timephased grid on the right side of the view.
A script requires a Main procedure, but you can also create your own subprocedures to modularize functionality within the script. When using ListChildren() or any other Reporting Services Web Service method in a script, you must use the rs reference variable for the Web service proxy class.
Central storage Standardization Enterprise reports conform to a standard design with a consistent layout, while ad hoc reports conform to a standard data model to ensure consistent results.
Private Sub btnOK_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _ Handles btnOK.Click Me.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK Me.Close End Sub Private Sub btnCancel_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _ Handles btnCancel.Click Me.DialogResult = DialogResult.Cancel Me.Close End Sub
Windows SharePoint Services sends e-mail to team members in a number of circumstances. A few of these are:
Getting Player Input
There is a secret level on this BBS. A user has to type ALBANY and a secret password to get to it. Other sections of this board would look a lot like the public BBS shown earlier. . . .
Class Employee3 Implements ICloneable Public Boss As Employee3 ... (other fields and constructor as in Employee) ... The only method of the ICloneable interface (private) Private Function CloneMe() As Object Implements ICloneable.Clone Reuses the code in the strongly typed Clone method. Return Clone End Function The strongly typed Clone method (public) Function Clone() As Employee3 Start creating a shallow copy of this object. (This copies all nonobject properties in one operation.) Clone = DirectCast(Me.MemberwiseClone, Employee3) Manually copy the Boss property, reusing its Clone method. If Not (Clone.Boss Is Nothing) Then Clone.Boss = Me.Boss.Clone End If End Function End Class
Instead of e.Graphics.FillPath, use e.Graphics.DrawPath. This draws only the outline of the shapes. Experiment with the GraphicsPath.FillMode property. This property controls how overlapping shapes are drawn. Enlarge the control to make sure you aren t drawing beyond the edge of the control. Remember, the GraphicsPath origin is relative to the control, not the form. Drawing a shape at location (0,0) places the shape at the upper left corner of the control. First write the code with hard-coded values, such as 12, and then replace them with calculated values, such as 2 * BarSpacing.
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