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In Report Manager, click the Home page link, click the Adventure Works Bikes folder link, and then click the Bike Sales And Profitability report link. Click the Properties tab, and then click the Execution link. Click the third rendering option, Cache A Temporary Copy Of The Report. Expire Copy Of Report On The Following Schedule, so that your screen looks like this:
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Case Study: Replacing Server Hardware
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( HAP T E R F I V E How a Hacker Hacks
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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out the attribute id="webpartpagenavbar". You can edit the Quick Launch bar by hand, but Windows SharePoint Services is likely to overwrite your change or not work properly the next time someone clicks Yes to Display This List On The Quick Launch Bar on the Settings page for some list or library. This makes it best not to edit an area like the Quick launch Bar at all. If you want to add links or other content to a page, do so in an unused area.
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Copy T-log to secondary database
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Installing Reporting Services
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Abbrev. Title
transactional replication
Part 2: End-User Features and Experience
7. 8. 9. // Visual C# public class BitmapPattern : Pattern {
In Solution Explorer, double-click Product Detail.rdl to open it, and then click the Preview tab, scrolling down to view the product information, which should look like this:
Inheritance Basics
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The path does not follow the diagonal of the image; instead, it moves up too quickly and scrunches the height of the picture. This is happening because you re reducing the height and width by the same amount each time. Because the picture is not as high (4,500) as it is wide (6,000), the height is used up more quickly, leading to a scrunched picture. You can fix the problem by reducing each value by a percentage each time rather than by a particular value. For example, if you wanted to reduce the picture size by 1 percent, you would take 45 (1 percent of 4,500) off the height and 60 (1 percent of 60,000) off the width. This sounds a bit complicated, so you ask the Great Programmer for advice.
Part III:
When you plan to schedule snapshots for a report, the report s data source must use stored credentials. It doesn t matter whether you use a shared or custom data source. You can skip this step when your report is already using a data source with stored credentials.
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