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Building Advanced Reports
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if (intersectsWith(bread.SpriteRectangle,cheese.SpriteRectangle)) { cheese.YSpeed = cheese.YSpeed * -1; }
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Gets the physical file system path corresponding to the requested URL. Gets the raw URL of the current request. Gets the Uri object that represents the URL of the current request. Gets the Uri object that represents the URL from which the current request originated.
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11: Case Scenario Answers
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It can be very difficult to predict the amount of network traffic that will be generated in your peer-to-peer transactional replication topology, and its impact on your network infrastructure. The best way to determine this impact is to set up a testbed environment that simulates a typical day s database activity. This can easily be done through SQL Server Profiler, which was discussed in 30, Using Profiler, Management Studio, and Database Engine Tuning Advisor.
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You can protect a method with two or more attributes:
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Now that you can display pictures, you can improve your Color Nerve game and display a picture rather than a blank background. This makes the game much more fun, especially if a familiar picture is used.
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Extending this idea further, one server could be 10 minutes behind, another server could be 30 minutes behind, and another one hour behind. Offering even more recovery options.
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Download and run the owc11.exe file.
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3. False. Structures are managed by value. You can tell this because you don t have to use the new key word to make a new structure variable. By default, the value in the structure is copied when passed into a method call. 4. False. Public is used to explicitly make members visible to code outside a class or structure. To restrict access to a member you would use the private modifier. 5. False. An absolute value is always positive or zero. 6. True. When a value type is passed as a parameter a copy is made of the contents of the variable. This is the value passed into the method. When a reference is passed as a parameter a copy of the reference is passed into the method. If you want the method to change the content of a value or change a reference to refer to a different object you must use the ref modifier to ask the compiler to generate a reference. 7. False. Oh, yes you can. XNA Game Studio lets you add breakpoints or pause a running program even when it s running in an Xbox or Zune. 8. True. If you make a method static, it means that it s always around and not part of any object. This means that you can use Abs without needing to make an instance of the Math class. 9. False. Nothing in C# forces you to keep the name of a method once you ve written some code. It was once difficult to change the name of a method because you needed to make sure that you changed all the places in which it was used. Fortunately, XNA Game Studio makes it much easier to do this, so you should consider doing this (it is called refactoring) whenever you notice that the things a method does no longer fit its name.
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For detailed information, read Troubleshooting Group Policy Using Event Logs at http:// technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista/en/library/7e940882-33b7-43db-b097-f3752c84f67 f1033.mspx.
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