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Connect to a terminal server by name or IP address. Refresh the list of current servers in all the domains
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::Declare Configuration NC certutil -setreg CA\DSConfigDN CN=Configuration,DC=fabrikam,DC=com ::Define certutil certutil certutil certutil CRL Publication Intervals -setreg CA\CRLPeriodUnits 26 -setreg CA\CRLPeriod Weeks" -setreg CA\CRLDeltaPeriodUnits 0 -setreg CA\CRLDeltaPeriod Days"
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The screen looks similar to this:
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14. Click OK. 15. Click Save to close the Group Definition dialog box.
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DHCP uses classes to determine which options are sent to clients. The user classes let you assign TCP/IP options according to the type of user the client represents on the network. The default user classes include the following:
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} 73. Create the Click event handler for the Remove button. Add the following code to remove the selected triangle from m_triangles. As with the CheckedItemCollection property of the CheckedListBox, the SelectedItem property of the ListBox returns a System.Object reference. You need to cast this to a Triangle before you can call the Remove method of the TriangleCollection instance, m_triangles. 74. Visual Basic 75. Private Sub removeTriangle_Click(ByVal sender As System.Obje ct, _ 76. ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles removeTriangle.Click 77. 78. gle)) 79. 80. 81. 83. 84. // Visual C# 85. private void removeTriangle_Click(object sender, System.EventAr gs e) { 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. } if (triangleList.SelectedIndex != -1) { m_triangles.Remove((Triangle)triangleList.SelectedItem); triangleList.Items.Clear(); triangleList.Items.AddRange(m_triangles.ToArray()); triangleList.Items.Clear() triangleList.Items.AddRange(m_triangles.ToArray()) End If If triangleList.SelectedIndex <> -1 Then m_triangles.Remove(CType(triangleList.SelectedItem, Trian
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=[Last Name] & ", " & [First Name]
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Word displays a ScreenTip that includes the button name, its keyboard shortcut, and a description of its purpose.
Subscriptions allow users to take full advantage of the push paradigm supported by Reporting Services. In other words, users can decide what information they want sent to them automatically and are not limited to pulling information from the reporting platform. A subscription can be defined to deliver a specific report to an e-mail account or to a network file share on a scheduled basis. You can also install a custom or third-pary delivery extension if you have other delivery requirements. For example, you might want to try out the sample delivery extension to send a report to a printer that is described in Reporting Services Books Online.
Converting an .aspx Page to a User Control
By using the PreviousPage property on the Page class, you can access any input control defined on the posting page. Access to input controls is weakly typed and occurs indirectly through the services of the FindControl method. The problem here lies in the fact that the target page doesn t know anything about the type of the posting page. PreviousPage is declared as a property of type Page and, as such, it can t provide access to members specific to a derived page class. Furthermore, note that FindControl looks up controls only in the current naming container. If the control you are looking for lives inside another control (say, a template), you must first get a reference to the container, and then search the container to find the control. This happens commonly when you employ master pages. To avoid using FindControl altogether, a different approach is required. What about using the dynamic type in ASP.NET 4 It might work, but this solution also has a little drawback the same drawback we encountered in 8, Page Composition and Usability, for master pages. The problem is that you can t access, say, the Keyword text box control from within the posted page because the Keyword control is mapped as a protected member of the page class. The following code, therefore, throws an exception:
Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
Fires upon completion of any Ajax request, regardless of the outcome Fires when an Ajax call fails Fires when an Ajax request is sent Fires when an Ajax request begins being processed Fires when no pending Ajax requests are left Fires when an Ajax request completes with success
It s important to understand that Pattern and PatternEditor will never be instantiated. Only the derived classes DrawnPattern, DrawnPatternEditor, BitmapPattern (not shown in the preceding diagram), and BitmapPatternEditor are instantiated. Also remember that DrawnPattern creates only DrawnPatternEditor instances and BitmapPattern creates only BitmapPatternEditor instances. Using these classes, the basic control flow in the form code looks something like this: 1. At startup, the application loads a few template patterns into the Templates panel. The Pattern class implements a Draw method to facilitate this. This startup code doesn t use polymorphism because the derived classes must be instantiated specifically. 2. The user clicks one of the templates, which is an instance of either the DrawnPattern or the BitmapPattern class. The event handler for the Click event doesn t determine the derived type of the clicked pattern, but simply accesses the instance through a Pattern reference. 3. A copy of the instance is created by calling the Clone method. This call behaves polymorphically. 4. A new PatternEditor instance is created by calling the GetEditor method of the selected instance. Again this call behaves polymorphically. 5. The PatternEditor instance, which derives from UserControl, is added to the form s Controls collection and displayed on the form. 6. The user changes the pattern by using the PatternEditor. 7. The user clicks the Save button, which is part of the PatternEditor control. The Click event handler for the Save button saves the changes to the pattern and raises the Saved event to the form. 8. In response to the Saved event, the Pattern instance is added to the Patterns panel and the PatternEditor a UserControl is removed from the form s control collection and disposed of.
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
There are a number of ways to identify the file and page ID of corrupted pages, including viewing the SQL Server error log, and there are several limitations and considerations that you should know before performing page restores that are described in detail in SQL Server Books Online under the topic Performing Page Restores.
The Load method is a kind of multipurpose tool called a generic method. Because it s generic, it can be used to fetch any kind of item, from textures to audio files to 3-D models. You tell Load to fetch a Texture2D by placing the name of the type you want after the method name. You then give the method the asset that you want it to fetch. If you select the Jake.jpg item in Solution Explorer, as shown in Figure 4-9, and then look in the XNA Game Studio Properties pane (which should be in the lower right of the XNA Game Studio window), you can see that the asset name has been taken from the file name of the resource. Figure 4-12 shows the property information for the Jake image resource.
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