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Tip In this exercise, you used the Bar command to format a single Gantt bar. You can also customize entire categories of Gantt bars, such as all milestones, via the Bar Styles command. For more information, see 15.
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In most real-world applications, you often need to execute a cleanup code when an exception is thrown. For example, you want to close a file if an error occurs while the code is processing that file, and you want to release a lock on a database table if an error occurs while the application is processing records in that table. In cases like these, you need a Finally clause. The code between the Finally keyword and the End Try keyword is always guaranteed to run, whether or not the code in the Try block throws an exception. The Finally block runs even if the code in a Catch block throws an exception, the Try End Try block is exited because of an Exit Try statement, or the method itself is exited because of a Return statement. Here s an example of a block of code that changes the current directory and ensures that the original directory is restored before exiting the Try End Try structure:
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a descending order, while ASC denotes the ascending order. The ASC qualifier is the default; if the order qualifier value is omitted, the column is sorted in ascending order. The following code sets up the GridView column for sorting on the productname data source column:
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Note Even if you define an explicit mapping for a certificate, SChannel will attempt to perform an implicit mapping based on the certificate s subject before determining whether an explicit mapping exists.
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Delete a single record in the CA database. By using the certutil deleterow command to delete the record associated with the certificate, you can remove specific certificate information from the CA database. Enable, publish, or configure CRL schedule. lishing CRLs and delta CRLs at a CA. Manage all aspects of pub-
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You can use the options on this page to format the background of the selected paragraph.
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Reinstall or update the driver using a valid, signed driver. After an upgrade, you might need to log on as an administrator to complete the device installation. If that s not the case, click Update Driver in the Driver tab to reinstall the driver. Remove and reinstall the device. This should clear out the incorrect or conflicting Registry settings. The system will remove the device. The Registry might be corrupted. If the device continues to display this message, restart the computer. This device has been disabled using Device Manager. To enable it, select Use This Device (Enable) under Device Usage. Typically results from a bad device or bad hardware. Can also occur with legacy ISA devices; upgrade the driver. Obtain a compatible driver for the device; click Reinstall Driver to start the Hardware Update Wizard. Follow the wizard as discussed in the section entitled Updating a Device Driver earlier in this chapter. Check the device documentation on how to assign resources. You might need to enable the device in the system BIOS or upgrade the BIOS.
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Object Linking and Embedding (OLE DB; DB refers to databases) is the strategic systemlevel programming interface for accessing data and the underlying technology for ADO as well as a source of data for ADO.NET. OLE DB is an open standard for accessing all kinds of data, both relational and nonrelational, including mainframe ISAM/VSAM and hierarchical databases; e-mail and file system stores; text, graphical, and geographical data; and custom business objects, making it conceptually easier for extracting data from heterogeneous sources. OLE DB provides consistent, high-performance access to data and can support a variety of development needs, including the creation of front-end database clients and middletier business objects using live connections to data in relational databases and other stores. OLE DB is commonly used when building Visual BASIC applications and is closely tied to ADO. As of SQL 7.0, it works with COM and DCOM. Unlike ODBC, OLE DB does not require that you set up a DSN.
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Modifying Inheritance
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Excel hides all rows that contain a date from the month of March.
You can t mix account modes in a single configuration database. Therefore, the
Managing Subscriptions
Figure 31-3.
Part IV:
Although the LoginStatus control is quite useful in its default form, it provides a bunch of properties and events you can use to configure it. The properties are listed in Table 19-16.
Practice tests
alternative. The newer and more general ASP.NET Routing is perhaps better suited for a more complex use case, but it can achieve the same result pretty easily.
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