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Dim arr()() As String = {New String() {"a00"}, _
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Commands to the preprocessor have a # at the start of the line and are called directives. What the previous statements say to the preprocessor is, If the test symbol has been defined, pass on the following statements to the rest of the compiler; otherwise, ignore them. The statements to be passed on are between the #if and the #endif directives. If you want to switch these lines on, you simply need to define the symbol at the top of the source file as follows:
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Financial applications typically require much more sophisticated formulas than simple addition. This is one of the reasons spreadsheets are very popular for financial analysis. Analysis Services has special features to support financial analysis:
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sp_configure recovery interval , 10; RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE;
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Replication between two sites.
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Using SharePoint Built-In Features
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Organizing Project Details
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Copying a piece of information to the Clipboard is as easy as calling Clipboard.SetDataObject. You can pass this method a string, an image, and so on. If you pass it a string that contains text in Rich Text Format (RTF), the Clipboard object detects this format automatically. For example, the following procedure copies the selected portion of a TextBox control (or the entire control s contents if no text is selected) to the Clipboard:
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Using Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
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Managing the Registry
Threads creations/deletions
When debugging a service in this fashion, you should keep one limitation in mind: you can attach a debugger only to a service that s already running. For this reason, you can t debug the code in the Main or OnStart procedure. In theory, you might add a pause in the OnStart method to give you the time necessary to set up the debugger immediately after the service is started however, Windows imposes a 30-second timeout on all attempts to start a service. If your debugging chores take longer than that, the system assumes that the service can t run. One way to debug the code in the OnStart method is to add another dummy service to your service project. You can therefore start the dummy process so that its process appears in the list of processes that can be debugged in Visual Studio. At this point, you can attach the debugger to that process and trace through all its initialization code. Even in this case, however, you re subject to the 30-second timeout mentioned in the preceding paragraph.
Issues can arise when migrating a site to a destination Web server in a different Windows domain, even if you use the -u and -pw parameters to supply the necessary user name and password. If this happens to you, configure the computer running smigrate.exe to prompt for user authentication. Here s the procedure:
12 Custom Controls
After restoring the key, you must restart Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for the change to take effect.
16-bit applications and 32-bit drivers are not supported on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. Automatic registry and system file redirection is not supported in the 64-bit environment. These changes require that 64-bit applications must adhere to a stronger set of Windows Vista application standards.
The second page of the Legacy Component Import Wizard
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