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16. Click the down arrow to the right of the Use this folder type as a template box to view the list of available folder templates. The Photo Album type is currently selected. 17. Click the down arrow again to contract the list. 18. In the Folder pictures section, click Choose Picture. The Browse dialog box appears, displaying the graphic files contained in the Information folder. 19. Click Smiley, and then click Open to close the dialog box and apply your selection. 20. Click OK to close the Information Properties dialog box and save your changes. The Preview picture changes to display only the smiling face drawing. 21. Click the Close button to close the window.
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To configure IPv6 settings from the network connection properties dialog box, follow these steps: 1. Click Internet Protocol Version 6, and then click Properties. 2. In the Internet Protocol Version 6 Properties dialog box, select Use The Following IPv6 Address. 3. Complete the IPv6 Address, Subnet Prefix Length, Default Gateway, and DNS servers fields with the values provided by your network administrator. These values are unique for every computer, but Figure 9-9 shows an example configuration. If you need to configure multiple IP addresses, gateways, or DNS servers, click the Advanced button.
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7. In the New GPO window, type Folder Redirection for XP and Vista, and then click OK. 8. In the details pane of the GPMC, right-click the new GPO you have just created, and then click Edit. The Group Policy Object Editor opens. 9. In the console tree, below User Configuration, expand the Windows Settings container, and then expand the Folder Redirection container. 10. Take a minute to browse the various folders beneath the Folder Redirection container. These are the folders that you can redirect to any available location, such as a central server. 11. Open the Properties of the AppData(Roaming) folder. 12. In the Target tab, select the setting of Basic Redirect Everyone s Folder To The Same Location. 13. In the Root Path text box, type \\dcsrv1\profiles. 14. In the Settings tab, select the check box next to Also Apply Redirection Policy To Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, And Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems. 15. This option makes the folder redirection compatible between Windows Vista and other operating systems. 16. Click OK. 17. If a Warning box appears, read the Warning, and then click Yes. 18. Perform steps 12 through 17 for the Desktop, Start Menu, and Documents folders. 19. Log off Vista1. Practice 5: Testing Folder Redirection In this practice, you will log on to both Xpclient and Vista1 from a domain user account. You will then make changes to the user environment and observe the effects. 1. Log on to NWTRADERS from Xpclient as Roaminguser. 2. Create a text file on the desktop named Test2. 3. Log on to NWTRADERS from Vista1 as Roaminguser. 4. If you do not see the Test2 text file on the desktop, log off, and then log back on again. 5. When the Test2 file appears on the desktop on Vista1, create a new text file on the Vista1 desktop named Test3. 6. Switch to Xpclient. You should see Test3 on the desktop of Xpclient. 7. On Vista1, open the Documents folder, and then create a new text file named Test4 in that folder.
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Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
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10 In the Data Sources window, select CarTrackerDataSet. Right-click and select Edit DataSet with
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Security Considerations
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Word Document (.docx) Word Macro-Enabled Document (.docm) Word Template (.dotx) Word Macro-Enabled Template (.dotm) Word XML Document (.xml)
1 Added the Content Editor Web Part to the page and configured its Content Location property to display an HTML file in a document library. 2 Browsed the page and verified that data from the Content Link location appears in the Web Part. 3 Clicked the Web Part s down arrow and chose Modify Shared Web Part. 4 Clicked the Rich Text Editor button. If you try this yourself, you ll discover that:
An item used to display text or graphical elements in a report, such as a textbox, table, chart, or image, to name a few.
Tip To see details about any bar or other item in a Gantt Chart view, position the mouse pointer over it. After a moment, a ScreenTip appears with details.
Log Shipping and Database Mirroring
Creating a measure using the Max aggregate function
The demo program that comes with the companion code for this book uses select mode to display additional information about the title that the user has selected and uses edit mode to let the user modify these fields. Displaying data in select mode is simple, and in many cases you can get along with simple data binding expressions in SelectedItemTemplate. However, in our specific example one of the fields (the publisher s name) comes from another table, so you must specify a JOIN query instead of a singletable SELECT query. Here s the first version of the code that does the data binding and optimizes the SQL query, depending on whether you re in select or edit mode:
The GetObjectData method is invoked when the object is passed to the Formatter.Seri alize method. Its purpose is to fill the SerializationInfo object with all the information about the object being serialized (Me in Visual Basic). The code inside this method can examine the StreamingContext structure to retrieve additional details about the serial ization process.
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